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Say no to quick fixes and yes to a lifetime of wellness

Every January, one-fifth of British adults try to lose weight, with 15% feeling more pressure to do so than at any other time of year. According to a new study of 2000 people in the country commissioned by David Lloyd Clubs, nearly 64% of people admit that they have never seen success from diet and fitness fads that promise a quick fix for weight loss and wellness. With the average individual trying 17 new diets and spending over £3290 on health and fitness products in their lifetime, it's perhaps no surprise that this can leave someone feeling worse mentally.

At David Lloyd Clubs we believe that health and fitness isn’t just for January. We believe that long term health, fitness and happiness comes from a sustainable, balance and long term approach to wellness. This January we say NO to the fitness fad and YES to a lifetime of wellness.

As the UK’s fitness industry leaders, this is why we're making a pledge to highlight our commitment to only encouraging healthy habits in 2022 and beyond. We’re teaming up with Actress and TV Personality, Nadia Sawalha, to launch our brand’s leading Wellness Pledge to urge the fitness industry as a whole to adopt and embrace a commitment to responsible wellness.

David Lloyd Clubs Wellness Pledge

• We will not work with influencers who promote rapid weight loss diets and/or exercise plans or any other unhealthy or potentially dangerous fitness quick fixes

• We will not promote our clubs as a short-term, rapid weight loss solution in any of our advertising or marketing materials, but rather as a place to feel happy and healthy in your body, and achieve your long-term wellness goals

• We will train all our fitness team to coach members to develop long-term healthy habits which will empower them to be mentally and physically healthy and well for life

• We will continue to provide a wide range of activities and group exercise classes that feel inclusive and encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to be active and live long-term healthier lifestyles

• We will not promote unrealistic body standards in any of our advertising and marketing materials, and will not digitally enhance any images to alter body shape

A quick fix to disappointment

Looking back on the history of fitness quick fixes and the impact they have on our long-term health; It is now more important than ever to reject quick fixes and transition to a longer-term happier and healthier lifestyle – a lifetime of wellness.

The most common diet and fitness fads tried were Meal Replacement Shakes (18%), the Atkins Diet (17%) and the 5-2 Diet (16%), with one in ten (12%) Brits even admitting to trying Weight Loss Pills. The fitness specific fads included the Abs Toning Belt (7%), the Ab Roller (5%) and the Waist Trainer (4%). Some of the more bizarre fads included the Cabbage Soup Diet (10%), the Ice Cream Cleanse (3%) and even the Tape Worm Diet (2%).

These fads are anything but helpful however, with success seen less than a third (31%) of the time and the nation on average only lasting 56 days using them. Over two fifths (41%) cite the reason for this was because it was a quick fix rather than being manageable long-term, meaning they lost weight initially and then put it straight back on.

David Lloyd Clubs’ industry first Wellness Pledge highlights how the brand is committed to encouraging the nation to focus on their wellness and feeling happy and healthy in their bodies, rather than just trying to lose weight. It also calls on the fitness industry to join it in advertising responsibly and encouraging healthy habits this January and beyond.

A lifetime of wellness

David Lloyd Clubs provides the perfect destination to stay fit and healthy this January and beyond. With state-of-the-art gyms, heated indoor and outdoor pools, top-class racquets facilities, well equipped group exercise studios and luxurious spas, there is something for everyone to help them refresh, re-balance, relax and re-connect.

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Get into a gym routine

If you’re looking to make a commitment to yourself and kickstart a new routine, we can’t wait to welcome you to our gyms. To help ease you back into a comfortable and effective workout routine, we’ve compiled a list of simple hints and tips to bear in mind as you return or get started in the gym.

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Personal Training

Personal Training is for everyone. Our expert Personal Trainers will work closely with you to develop a supportive relationship and provide tailored sessions to suit you. They will assist you in improving your gym performance and your mental wellbeing regardless of your needs or abilities. Having a PT allows you to enjoy the "me" time you deserve while also providing that extra push of motivation to meet your goals.

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Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are one of the most popular ways to stay fit, healthy, and happy. With a wide range of classes available, David Lloyd Clubs is the ideal place to boost motivation with encouragement from both your instructor and fellow class members. Classes not only provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and increase endorphins, but they also provide numerous physical benefits such as improved cardio fitness and muscle tone.

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David Lloyd Clubs Spa


Our Clubs are much more than just a gym; we offer a place to eat, relax, socialise, and work. We aim to provide an all-round experience that goes beyond just a place to exercise and work out, with a nutritious food and drink menu as well as social events and activities. Meanwhile, if relaxation is what you desire, our luxurious spa facilities, combined with a variety of holistic classes held in dedicated mind and body studios, provide you with both physical and mental respite.

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