As we reopen our clubs, we're carefully following government guidelines. This may mean that not all classes will be available and they will vary by club.
Find your local club and view the club timetable for more information on what's available.

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Stay safe, stay active

Fitness classes are back!

Our fitness classes are back, and we’re bringing you a varied programme of holistic, group cycling, strength and conditioning, cardio and HIIT classes in our spacious studios.

If you enjoy the extra motivation you get in a group environment, our range of classes means you'll find a session you’ll love. We’re offering some of your favourite classes, with everything from Group Cycling and Blaze, to Pilates and BodyPump. We're also continuing to run some of our most popular outdoor fitness classes at selected clubs, so you can enjoy a workout in the open air.

Plus, we're doing all we can to keep you safe. We're limiting class sizes based on government guidelines and have scheduled our timetable to give ample time between classes for our thorough cleaning procedures.

Please note: classes and timetable may vary as our clubs reopen on 25th July.

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Group exercise classes at David Lloyd Clubs

Fitness classes are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to stay fit, healthy and to improve your wellbeing. With a huge variety of classes available to participate in, David Lloyd Clubs is the ideal place to get involved in a group exercise class.

We've got everything from high-octane HIIT sessions and intense group cycling classes, to the serenity of yoga, the open air of our outdoor Battlebox, and even aqua classes in the pool, so whatever it is you enjoy, you’re sure to find a class you’ll keep coming back to.

You’ll learn new ways to exercise whilst benefiting from the increased motivation that working out alongside others can deliver, and hopefully make plenty of friends along the way! 

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HIIT Sessions

HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions are great for anyone looking for a challenging workout. During any HIIT class you will perform a variety of different exercises to work lots of muscle groups, alternating between spurts of intense work and periods of rest.

Our newest HIIT class, BLAZE, combines cardiovascular training with strength and combat skills to give a challenging workout in a purpose-built studio. The class will change from week to week to ensure you’re kept on your toes. Find out more about BLAZE.

We also have other HIIT options to get involved in. Synrgy360 HIIT uses elements of the Synrgy360 functional zone within the gym to really put you through you paces via short bursts of intense activity, while our standard gym HIIT classes use a variety of gym equipment and floor exercises to get your heart rate rising. You’ll feel fitter, stronger and leaner in no time.

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Yoga & Pilates classes

To some, exercise is more about taking a steady approach to increase flexibility, calm the mind and develop a strong, stable core. Our holistic classes allow you to do just that. 

Pilates sessions are designed to concentrate on slow and measured movements to create strong, lean muscles whilst improving your posture and flexibility. Plus, our Reformer Pilates classes can take your experience to a new level, as exercises are performed through greater ranges of motion and involve increased resistance provided by a specialist frame.

Our Mind and Body studios also form the perfect environment for an extensive range of yoga classes. With everything from Ashtanga to Hatha available for members to enjoy, these sessions will help you to feel supple, relaxed and energised. We also offer Bodybalance, Meditation and Tai Chi classes at various clubs to ensure there’s a way for everybody to relax and find a little peace of mind.

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Cardio Classes

Get your heart rate rising and boost your endurance by taking part in our specialist cardio classes. Punch and kick your way to fitness with our BODYCOMBAT sessions, or combine athletic movements like lunging and jumping with strength movements such as push-ups in a BODYATTACK class. Or if you prefer to workout outdoors, tackle an open air Battlebox class on our unique functional training facility.

Alternatively, our huge range of group cycling classes are the ideal way to get your heart racing on two wheels. With superb, purpose built studios kitted out with top-quality Stages bikes, our range of virtual and instructor-led classes are second to none. Choose from classes focussed on endurance, sprint and climbing sessions, or even our latest class Rhythm, which blends strength and conditioning work with ambient music, candles and lighting for a unique cycling experience.

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Strength & conditioning

Our great range of strength and conditioning classes offer the perfect alternative or accompaniment to weight training and resistance workouts in the gym. Feel more toned, stronger and increase your muscle mass via a number of great group classes.

BODYPUMP is one of our most popular classes, and uses weighted exercises with plenty of repetition to give a full body workout and burn loads of calories. Likewise, Legs, Bums and Tums incorporates movements with various pieces of equipment to target those stubborn areas that often need a little extra work.

If you’re looking for something a little gentler, our Total Conditioning classes include exercises to improve aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility using a variety of equipment, as well as body weight exercises. Plus, many of our gym floor HIIT classes include elements of strength and conditioning training too.

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What is the group exercise process?

Alongside these class categories, we also have dance classes, tennis classes and aqua classes which you can get involved with.

You can view the group exercise timetable for each of our clubs online or via the David Lloyd mobile app. Find a club to get started.

Booking onto your preferred class is simple too, and can be done either online, via the app or in person at the club. There’s no commitment either – so if you want to vary your routine by doing BODYPUMP one week, BLAZE the next and some Pilates the week after, it’s easy to do so.

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