We believe in wellness. A balance of exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and sociability to sustain a positive life.

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Wellness at David Lloyd Clubs

At David Lloyd Clubs, we believe that a balance of exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and sociability are the keys to wellness and to sustaining a positive and healthy life.

Our clubs provide facilities, services, equipment and social spaces which help to promote physical and mental wellbeing for our members.

From top-of-the-range holistic exercise options and high-quality spa facilities designed to help you find your calm, to spacious club rooms where you can socialise over a healthy meal, you’ll find numerous ways to ease stress, spend quality time with friends and family and boost your overall health.

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Social interaction

Spending quality time exercising, talking and relaxing in the company of others is important in enhancing and maintaining a positive state of wellbeing. At David Lloyd, our clubs and products are designed to promote the development of social connections.

Whether that’s forming lasting friendships through regularly attending a certain group exercise class, meeting new playing partners to enjoy a game of tennis with, or simply having a comfortable place to sit and spend quality time with the family, it’s all here for you under one roof.

You can really sense the community feel of our spaces, with ‘clubs within clubs’ a prominent feature across our network. With everything from over 50s tennis groups to new mothers groups, these small, informal communities allow members to create friendships and have a welcoming place to talk and socialise.

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Mindfulness & mental wellbeing

Mindfulness is defined as “the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not too reactive or exhausted by what’s going on around us. To achieve mindfulness we must see the present clearly and prevent ourselves from being overwhelmed by thoughts" (mindful.org).

There are many ways to improve your mindfulness at David Lloyd Clubs. Our holistic classes are a focal point, with a range of yoga, Pilates and meditation classes to choose from. Regularly taking part in a class will help you to practice breathing techniques and release tension via stretches and movements, whilst focusing the mind on the here and now.

Taking time out in our spa facilities can be another perfect way to find mindfulness. Whilst also providing several physical benefits, the soothing ambience of the spa can help to relax and refocus the mind. Plus, David Lloyd Clubs has recently become the first fitness club in the UK to introduce ASMR into its spa, which has been proven to relax the mind and body and reduce stress.

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Eating well

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re passionate about helping our members to eat appropriately, both to help them to achieve their weight and fitness goals, as well as to feel fresh and energised.

In our clubs, we prepare and serve a wide selection of seasonal meals and snacks to suit your mood, tastes and needs. Our menu gives details of calories, allergens and more so you can make an informed decision about what goes into your body. You can also grab quick, simple, yet healthy alternatives from our deli counters. So, whether you need to refuel with a hearty meal after an intense gym session, or want a light salad to keep you going, you’ll find something tasty to enjoy, safe in the knowledge that your food is created with quality, nutritious ingredients.

We’re also keen to ensure our members take healthy eating habits home with them. We continually share recipes created by established, professional chefs which can be incorporated into your kitchen repertoire, as well as dietary tips and tricks to set you on the path towards healthy eating.

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Exercise and stay fit

Staying fit and participating in regular exercise can have a major impact on both physical and mental wellness. Going for a workout, a class or a swim has clear physical benefits, from weight loss and improved strength, to enhanced endurance, flexibility and plenty more.

Regular exercise also has many positive results on your mental wellbeing. Physical activity stimulates the release of various endorphins that can leave you feeling happier, less stressed and more relaxed. Positive physical results can also help to boost self-esteem and confidence in your body image, all of which contributes to your overall wellbeing.

At David Lloyd there are so many ways to exercise, with various structures and schemes in place to support you getting started and becoming comfortable with an exercise regime. If you’re new to David Lloyd, take advantage of our Kickstart programme, which should help you to understand the best way to exercise in relation to your personal goals.

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