Find out more about our state-of-the-art fitness equipment and gym facilities, where you'll find everything you need to work out.
Image of man using the TRX strap on the synrgy unit in the gym

The Gym at David Lloyd Clubs

While our health clubs are about much more than just a gym, we know that to many of our members, top class gym facilities form the key element of their in-club experience. With that in mind, we’ve created spacious gyms that combine many types of training within a sociable, open-plan layout.

From large free weights areas and functional training zones, to an array of low-impact cardio equipment and weight machines, a wide range of gym facilities means that you can consistently vary your training and retain your enthusiasm to reach your goals.

So whether you’re looking to boost your cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy weight, become physically stronger or simply find a place to enjoy a workout and feel good about yourself, a David Lloyd gym provides all you could need and more.

Image of a man doing the dumbbell press exercise in the gym

Top class gym equipment

Our gyms are consistently refreshed and kitted out with the latest, top quality equipment. State-of-the-art Life Fitness machines with interactive screens, Woodway Curve treadmills, Concept 2 rowing machines, Wattbikes, Octane Elipticals, SkiErgs and much, much more – if you’re here for cardio training we’ve got it covered.

If weight training is more your thing, you’ll love our range of free weights and weight resistance machines. Train with dumbbells, barbells, weight plates and kettlebells to suit all levels, complemented by industry leading racks, benches and lifting platforms. And if you’re new to strength training, our resistance machines are the ideal place to get started with less stress on the body.

Plus, you can really mix up your training routine with our functional training areas. Boost your power by jumping onto a Plyobox, get your legs pumping on our sled tracks or enjoy a full body workout with the numerous options offered by our Synrgy360 training frames and TRX straps.

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"Don’t be nervous at all! Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly. They understand that not everyone has the perfect body or level of fitness, and that everyone has a starting point."

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Hit your goals with personal training

As a member of David Lloyd Clubs, you have unlimited access to use our gym facilities as and when you please. That’s as many reps, sets, miles, minutes, spins and squats as you wish! Travelling with work or away for the weekend? You can access the nearest David Lloyd gym to wherever you may be if you’re keen to keep up with your fitness regime and stick to a routine.

There’s also much more to our gyms than simply an amazing range of high class gym equipment. Take a more tailored approach with 1-2-1 sessions provided by our expert Personal Trainers, who can take your gym experience to the next level and ensure you remain motivated towards reaching your goals. Plus, as part of our extensive group exercise programme, our coaches also run quick-fire group sessions based in the gym, utilising various pieces of equipment to keep participants on their toes during high-octane classes.

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