Learn more about our racquets facilities. From championship quality courts to expert coaches, we've got everything you need to improve your game.

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Racquet sports are where everything started here at David Lloyd Clubs, and we now have over 30 years of experience giving members of all ages first-rate coaching and quality facilities.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a complete beginner, we’ve got everything you need to improve your game and increase your confidence. And our coaching, courts and expertise isn’t just in tennis – it also covers badminton, squash and Padel too. If you’ve never picked up a racquet before, there really is no better place to get started. 

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Tennis courts & facilities

Given our love of tennis, it’s no surprise that our facilities are second to none. We’ve got the world’s largest team of qualified coaches, as well as 850 match-quality courts, both indoors and outdoors. It means you can have a lesson, play a match or practice your serve all year round, whatever the weather – and you can book courts in advance really quickly with our app too.

Our clubs are also home to vibrant communities of tennis-lovers, with competitions, matches and social events making it easy to find new people to play, whatever your level. 

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Kids tennis lessons

Tennis is a great game to learn at a young age. Our programme of lessons and classes for kids and teenagers are the perfect way to introduce them to the game and to help them to develop their skills. 

Our expert coaches, state-of-the-art racquets facilities and comprehensive programme of tennis lessons for kids provide an ideal environment for learning the game.

Whether your child is totally new to the game, or they’re slightly older and are looking to take their game to the next level, we’ll help them to realise their potential whilst making new friends and having plenty of fun.

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Tennis Lessons for Adults

With tennis lessons and classes available for adults of all levels, you can learn the game from the ground up, develop new skills, work on your tennis fitness and plenty more at David Lloyd Clubs. Our specialist tennis coaches can help improve your performance and give you more enjoyment from playing. Plus, sessions are not only a great way to improve your technique, they’re also a brilliant opportunity to meet fellow members with a shared interest in tennis.

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If you've got quick reflexes and love some healthy competition, squash is the sport for you. It will improve your speed, your strength and your reaction time, and it's sociable too (even when the competition is intense!).

We have almost 150 fantastic courts across the UK and the very best specialist coaches who'll help you understand the game, improve your skills, and boost your confidence. They can even help prepare you for competitions, because we also run squash leagues and ladders within our clubs. Are you ready to test your skills? 

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Badminton is a lightning-fast game where great tactics, good timing and being quick on your feet can soon see total beginners become regular winners. Every game has either two or four players, so it’s a really fun and sociable way to stay fit and get your heart pumping.

We’ve got almost 200 superb badminton courts across the UK, as well as expert coaches and regular competitions, so whether you already love the game or are keen to get started, you’re in the ideal place. 

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Padel and Pickleball

Expand your racquets experience and give something new a try with Pickleball or Padel at David Lloyd Clubs.

Pickleball is easy to pick up for racquet sport novices and veterans alike – it’s fun, social, and surprisingly addictive. Pickleball players use paddles – with a larger, more flexible hitting surface than table tennis bats – to hit a lightweight, perforated plastic ball on a badminton-sized court with a lowered net.

Padel is a super-fast racquet sport that's really popular in Spain and Latin America, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll know why. Something of a cross between squash and tennis, Padel is played on an enclosed court in pairs, and it's great fun! Not only is it super easy to pick up, but it's a really sociable sport too.

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Racquets overview

If you’re just getting into tennis, or have been playing for years, you’ll feel welcome in our friendly tennis communities. With indoor and outdoor courts, plus plenty of other racquets sports to try, there's something for everyone. Throughout our clubs our fantastic facilities include:
  • 450 indoor tennis courts 
  • 400 outdoor tennis courts
  • 400 tennis coaches
  • 200 badminton courts
  • 150 squash courts
  • All Stars Tennis  
  • Play all year round 
  • 12,500 children taught a week