Find out what swimming lessons, classes and activities are available for adults to enjoy.

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Swimming for Adults at David Lloyd Clubs

The perfect low-impact exercise, swimming is a wonderful way to stay in shape, improve your aerobic fitness and to relax your mind. At David Lloyd, our superb range of indoor and outdoor pools provide the ideal space to perfect your stroke technique, take on a strenuous training session or simply to enjoy a few easy lengths at a relaxed, gentle pace.

If you're looking for something structured, our swimming lessons and classes are not solely for kids. We run a number of adult swimming sessions throughout the week for members to participate in. So, whether you’re a nervous swimmer looking to improve confidence in the water, or a high level triathlete keen to take your swimming to an elite level, our top level coaches will help you to achieve your swim goals, whatever your ability.

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Swim Equipment and Facilities

Swimming is a key component of every David Lloyd Club, with superb swimming pools available for members to enjoy at all of our clubs.

  • Most clubs offer both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as specialist splash pools for the kids, so there’s plenty of space for everyone to swim.
  • Our pool timetables give members the opportunity to enjoy a swim at a time that fits with their lifestyle. We offer adult swim and family swim sessions at suitable times throughout the week, with specific lanes to allow swimmers of different speeds and abilities to appreciate time in the water together.
  • Our swimming lessons provide ample opportunity to improve your swimming technique. With a range of lessons at a variety of levels available for members to take part in throughout the week, there’s plenty to help you on your way.

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Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a valuable skill to develop at any time throughout life, which is why at David Lloyd we offer adult swimming lessons. Learning to swim will help you to feel comfortable around water, and means you can get more from your club membership.

  • Adult Beginner classes take you through the basics of technique and safety in the water within a small group, moving you to a point where you're less nervous in the pool.
  • You can then progress through to Improver lessons, where our instructors will help you to increase the distance you're able to swim and develop technique across a range of strokes.
  • For more advanced swimmers, our Master Swim sessions will hone in on specifics of swimming technique, with a different focus from week to week to ensure you are consistently improving.

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1-2-1 Adult Swimming Lessons

For a more individual experience, we offer 1-2-1 swimming coaching for adults. This can help you to learn in a way that suits you. 

1-2-1 adult lessons are available to all levels of swimmer, whether you're a non-swimmer who wants to learn the basics, a nervous swimmer who hasn’t swum for many years, you want to improve your swimming technique, or maybe you're training for a swim event or triathlon.

Your teacher will be able to provide a great individual experience that will encourage improvement whatever level you're at. 

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Adult only swimming

We’re keen to make sure that the pool space in all of our clubs is efficiently utilised and available for our members to use at a time that suits them. Both our indoor and outdoor pools have timetables that include family swim and adult-only swimming sessions at appropriate times of the day.

We also use different lane swimming to help swimmers choose an area of the pool that suits their speed. This is designed to give everybody the space they require to feel comfortable in the water and get the most from their swim. 

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Aqua Classes

Swimming sessions aren’t just about lessons and learning to swim. As part of our group exercise programme we also host a number of aqua and group swimming classes which allow you to utilise your swimming skills, boost your fitness and to have fun in the water.

  • Many of our members love Aqua – a fun and energising class that uses water as resistance and incorporates aerobic exercises in the pool, boosting your fitness and overall health.
  • If you’re looking to cover long distances in the pool, our Triathlon Swim sessions could be ideal. Aimed at highly competent swimmers, these classes will see you swim up to 1500m in a session, enhancing technique alongside endurance levels.
  • Plus, if you’re keen to help the little ones to be happy and safe in the water from an early age, our Parent & Baby and Parent & Toddler sessions are based around having plenty of fun, with games and songs helping young children to gain a love and enjoyment of the water.

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Benefits of learning to swim

Swimming is a great skill to have for so many different reasons. Whether it's feeling safe when in the pool on holiday, being able to comfortably enjoy trips to the seaside, or simply wanting to make the most of your membership and enjoy the swimming pool facilities at David Lloyd Clubs, there's plenty of incentive to learn how to swim.

Swimming also makes the perfect low impact workout, ideal for improving your cardiovascular system, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping muscles toned and supple. Plus, it can be a great way to stay active during pregnancy too, but make sure you check with your medical professional to ensure it's safe for your individual needs.

As well as physical benefits, you'll find that swimming can be a great way to spend time relaxing and reflecting as you spend time focusing on your breathing, your stroke and moving through the water. 

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Adult swimming - at a glance

At David Lloyd, you'll find everything you need to satisfy your swimming needs, from the very best indoor and outdoor facilities, to great classes and lessons.