27 March 2020

Coronavirus: A message to our members

To all our valued members,

All David Lloyd Clubs and our head offices are currently closed. Our priority now is the health and wellbeing of our team and you, our members. 

While we are closed, we are unfortunately unable to process membership changes or respond to membership queries and all current open member enquiries will be closed. Please don’t worry, there is no need for you to do anything, we will take care of your memberships during this temporary closure.  If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ below.

One of the most important things we can all do to look after ourselves is to carry on exercising.   We’re still bringing you daily workouts, advice and fun for all the family delivered by our brilliant David Lloyd Club teamsDavid Lloyd [email protected] is available free of charge to members via our David Lloyd mobile app. Check your emails to find out more.

Thank you so much for all your support and good wishes over the last few days and weeks. To all our community - our members and teams across the UK and internationally, and the many businesses of all shapes and sizes that we work with – our thoughts and very best wishes are with you. We look forward to seeing you all when we re-open.

Your team at David Lloyd Clubs


Your membership – Frequently Asked Questions:


What is going on with my membership whilst the club is closed?

All memberships are frozen, and we will not be taking any payments or fees during the Club's closure.


I have an annual membership paid for in advance what is happening with that?

Our plan is to extend your annual renewal date when the Clubs re-open.  We will contact you once the club is open.  Your Home Club will be in touch to go through this detail with you personally.


I have emailed to freeze my membership or cancel my membership and have not had a response; do I need to do anything else?

All memberships are currently frozen, we will contact you once the Club is open, you do not need to do anything else at the moment, no payments will be taken during the Club’s closure.


I paid for products and services before the club closed how are you going to reimburse me?

This will apply to personal training, all-stars swimming lessons, all-stars tennis lessons all other prepaid products and services. 

Our plan is to extend the expiry date of your vouchers/sessions and all other prepaid products and services until after the Clubs reopen.  We will contact you once the Club is open.


I have guest passes on my accounts will be still be valid when you reopen?

We will extend any existing guest passes when we reopen.


I owe some money for my membership - how do I make that payment?

Please follow this link https://payments.davidlloyd.co.uk to make your membership fee payment..


Will you contact me before the clubs reopen?

Yes, we will be in touch with all members when we reopen.


How are you going to keep in touch with me?

We will be sending out regular emails, updates through the David Lloyd app and will be keeping our website up to date with everything members will need to know. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


I don’t have the David Lloyd app how do I go about getting it?

Downloading the app is easy, just go to your devices App Store or Play Store, search for David Lloyd Clubs and click download.

You will find a simple step by step guide to follow, which will help you with the initial registration and then how to navigate the app

You will need your membership number, which is the number on the left of your membership card, and you will also need your email address to register.


I do not have an email address associated with my membership account how are you going to keep me up to date?

The best way to keep informed is to register your details online at www.davidlloyd.co.uk or via the David Lloyd Clubs app. Alternatively, you can visit our website on  www.davidlloyd.co.uk.


Are you going to be completing any improvements in the clubs before you reopen them?

No, we are unable to work within the Clubs during the period we are closed and in line with the Government’s instruction, our teams are staying at home.


When do you expect to reopen the clubs?

We will follow the advice of the Government and open as soon as it is safe to, unfortunately we do not know an exact time frame.


Can I cancel my annual membership now and get a refund on the balance?

We will not be processing any membership changes during the Club’s temporary close period as all memberships are frozen.  When the Club reopens, you will be able to request a cancellation through your Home Club via email.

My membership is due to cancel on 1st May 2020, will this still be processed

Our Clubs are now closed, all memberships are currently frozen, any membership actions will be taken when the Club reopens. We will not be collecting any membership fees whilst we are temporarily closed.


Will my children still be enrolled in their usual swimming/tennis classes, same day and time, when the Club reopens

We hope that we will get back to how things were, but more information will be available from your Home Club when we reopen.


Please can I have a refund for my Reformer Pilates class?

All classes will resume as normal and the session you have missed will be credited to you.


I don’t want to continue with my membership past the initial term, which is 1st August, please ensure it is cancelled from this date as I don’t want it to continue

Your Home Club will be in touch with you we reopen to help with your request.


I am halfway through my 3-month notice period, what’s going to happen with my cancellation?

All memberships are currently frozen, your Home Club will be in touch when they reopen to update you on your membership status.


I have paid up front for my P.T. in cash directly with the trainer, what should I do?

Please contact your Personal Trainer as we are unable to help you with any payments made directly to an individual, outside of David Lloyd Clubs. 


I emailed my Club with my cancellation and haven’t heard back?

We are sorry to hear this, all memberships are currently frozen, but your Home Club will be in touch when they reopen regarding your membership status. We will not be collecting any membership fees whilst we are closed.


My employer is paying my membership through GymFlex, what should I do?

We will extend your membership with us through GymFlex, but, if you have any questions about payments, then you would need to talk to your employer.



I am a Platinum member, what is happening with my guest passes?

You will continue to receive your monthly Platinum guest pass when your membership is re-activated.  Any guest passes held on your account when the Club closed will be extended when they reopen.


I am waiting for a refund

Our Clubs are closed, and we will be unable to process any refunds at this time.  Your Home Club will be in touch when they reopen and will be able to help you with any outstanding payments