Introducing Body Hub

Body Hub Image

Personalise your workouts like never before with Body Hub, the super-smart body analysis machine that's the perfect way to measure, track, and improve your health and wellbeing. You'll find it in all our David Lloyd Clubs gyms.

What can Body Hub do for you?

- Get to know your body. Measure muscle mass, hydration levels, body weight and so much more. 
- Discover your ‘BioAge’ - the rate at which you’re ageing on the inside, calculated using factors including strength, cardio and metabolism.
- Track your progress in the David Lloyd Clubs App, to keep you motivated and feeling good about your fitness journey.

The Body Hub is easy - and free - to use. Just log in in with your membership card and you'll see step-by-step on screen instructions. If you prefer some in-person guidance, the gym team will be on hand to help, and we’ll be running group introduction sessions, bookable on the David Lloyd Clubs app.


Interested in joining?