We're proud of our state-of-the-art fitness facilities, but at David Lloyd Clubs, we're far more than just a gym

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Be part of a club

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re a club – a place to meet, to compete, to learn, to socialise and to work.

We value the importance of mental and social wellbeing in the same way we promote the benefits of physical wellbeing, which is why our range of activities and facilities are designed with more than just fitness results in mind.

Whether it’s a gym session followed by a meal with the family in the Clubroom, time spent relaxing by an outdoor pool on a warm summer’s day, or simply the thrill of challenging yourself physically and mentally with fellow members during a group exercise class, it’s all here for you to make the most of.

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A place to work

With working patterns changing, and increasing numbers of people choosing or needing to work remotely, we know just how important it is to have a comfortable, reliable place to work from. Finding a routine, remaining free of distractions and fighting off restlessness while working from home can be challenging.

At David Lloyd Clubs, our Clubrooms and quiet adults-only spaces provide you with a great alternative option to use as a space to work, whether that’s spending a full day in the club to avoid the hustle of the office, or simply catching up on a few emails after picking the kids up from school. With fast Wi-Fi, good quality food and drink options and comfortable seating, you can happily get on with your working day in a friendly environment.

Plus, with a wealth of sport and fitness facilities under the same roof, taking advantage and enjoying some exercise during the day can boost your productivity and help to manage your stress levels.

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A place to learn

If you’re completely new to exercise and want to pick up the basics to get kick-started, or simply want to hone your abilities in a particular sport or discipline, there are so many opportunities for both adults and kids to learn at David Lloyd Clubs.

From personal training sessions, swimming and tennis lessons to instructor-led group exercise sessions and specialist classes for the kids, learning is an important part of what we do. Learn to serve, master the tumble turn, or improve your deadlifting form via the expert guidance of our coaches.

Whatever your age or ability, our coaches can adapt to suit your needs, giving you the best possible chance to improve both your skill level and confidence.

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A place to relax

If you need a place to chill and relax, away from the stresses, strains and challenges of everyday life, our clubs are a perfect option.

Make the most of soothing spa facilities, including luxurious Spa Retreats and outdoor Spa Gardens. They provide the ideal environment to heal the body and calm the mind, leaving you feeling invigorated and energised.

There are plenty of other ways to relax at David Lloyd Clubs too. During warmer periods of the year, our outdoor pools and surrounding terrace areas are a great place to take a breather while soaking in some warm sunshine - giving you a feeling like being on a restful holiday. Alternatively, our Clubrooms and adults-only areas provide a further place to unwind, whether that’s via a coffee and a chat with friends, or spending some time alone and getting into a good book.

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A place to socialise

We’re proud of the community feel at our clubs. Rather than simply being a place to work out, our clubs are a social hub for members to enjoy together.

 From triathlon clubs to tennis societies, bridge clubs to mother and baby groups, clubs within the club are a major feature at David Lloyd. You’ll frequently find our Clubrooms to be atamospheric, as people catch up over a coffee or a healthy meal. Plus, many of our clubs are home to a calendar of social events that members love to get involved with, including quizzes, discos and tasting events.

Our group exercise programme offers a further way to meet new people and to socialise too. A number of our classes have been created to get members having fun all together, including 2 of our latest classes, Battlebox and Rhythm.

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A place to eat

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re passionate about helping our members to eat well and get the correct nutrition to sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

In our clubs, we prepare and serve a wide selection of seasonal meals and snacks to suit your mood, tastes and needs, and have recently made a commitment to offering more plant-based options as part of our new Clubroom menu.

Our menu includes key information such as calories and allergens so you can make an informed decision about what you are eating. You can also enjoy simple alternatives from our deli counters – ideal for anyone looking to eat healthily in a hurry. So, whether you need to refuel with a filling meal after a tough class or gym session, or want something light to top up your energy levels, you’ll find something tasty to enjoy.

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