Try our all the latest kit in our high-tech gym

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Great new gym facilities and equipment

Our newly upgraded gym is now bigger and better than ever, with a range of brand new, state-of-the-art equipment for our members to enjoy. We have created a space that feels light, open and social - perfect for getting the most out of your workout. A new functional space includes a Synrgy functional training rig, bursting with accessories to allow you to vary your workouts, while the free weights space boasts more mirrors and benches alongside industry leading racks and lifting platforms. You’ll find plenty for a low impact, full body workout, too.
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Want results, faster? Ask our Personal Trainers

We've got an amazing team of personal trainers who are here to help you out. Just ask one for a free personal training test drive and they'll figure out just what you need and then draw up a free gym programme that'll help you hit your goals. They also run functional training and gym-floor classes, and personal training for groups as well as individuals. If you're interested, let us know - with a personal trainer, you'll see results so much faster.

Exercise & Fitness Sunderland

We’ve installed the latest in gym and fitness technology here at David Lloyd Sunderland, and introduced new faciltiies to make the most of our open-plan layout that integrates all types of training. We’ve got plenty of equipment, so you won’t need to wait, and we’ve zoned our gym into different areas – there’s one for recovery, one for stretching, a vast cardio area and a popular functional training zone, now inclusive of a Synrgy360 training rig. Functional training classes are held in this zone and are a real success – join a class and you’ll see results, fast. We've also expanded our free weights area, and have a vast range of kettlebells, barbells and plenty more to aid your workout and help you reach your goals.

  • 25 treadmills
  • 10 cross trainers
  • 2 Steppers
  • 4 Ski machines
  • 7 Free runners
  • 4 recumbent bikes
  • 8 upright bikes
  • 2 Star Trac bikes
  • NEW -Synrgy 360 zone
  • 2 Wattbikes
  • 4 PowerPlates
  • Large free weights area
  • Range of free weight machines
  • Cable machines
  • Functional training equipment  
  • Zoned areas
  • Individual Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training sessions
  • Free Personal Training test drive
  • Taster sessions
  • Free gym programme
  • Functional training classes
  • Gym-floor classes 

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