Our extensive programme of kids clubs, activities and coaching will keep them entertained and active, whatever their age

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Kids Clubs and Activities

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re proud that our clubs are a place for the whole family to use and enjoy. All of our clubs provide families and children a safe, secure and welcoming space to be able to relax, stay fit and active, and above all, to spend precious time together.

Alongside specialist kids playframes, child-friendly tablets and dedicated splash pools, our clubs provide kids activities and kids clubs that your little ones can get involved with from a very early age, setting them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

From Baby and Me Playtime for the very youngest children, to Sports Squad, Cinema Club, Design Squad and even swim and tennis lessons, there’s a class, activity or club for children of all ages.

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A club for the whole family

The modern world we live in can often leave us with limited time to be able to fit everything into our busy schedules. This can become an even greater challenge when you also have young children to worry about - eager to be entertained, occupied and with energy to burn off.

Our kids’ classes are the perfect way for children to enjoy some active exercise or creative fun after school, with most of our classes conveniently scheduled to begin shortly after the end of the average school day.

At David Lloyd Clubs, you can enjoy a class or a workout in the gym, while content in the knowledge that the kids can safely participate in an activity, kids club or class of their own, all under the same roof. Alternatively, catch up with friends or press on with some work in our spacious Club Rooms, as the younger kids play and learn with our professional crèche service, which gives children time together in a stimulating and caring environment.

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Play, learn & develop

Giving children the opportunity to play, interact and learn alongside others is highly beneficial for their development. The variety of kids activities on offer at David Lloyd Clubs is wide, and provides children with the chance to try new things, meet new friends and discover new passions.

Learning to swim and to play tennis, for instance, provides children with lifelong skills and hobbies that can help them to socialise and stay healthy for years to come. Children will also improve concentration, commitment and self-confidence, as well as boosting their ability to co-operate and take direction from others.

There are also various health benefits, both physically and mentally, of children being active via games, clubs and activities. Children will enhance spatial awareness, co-ordination and naturally develop flexibility, strength and bone density which will be crucial as they continue to grow.

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Crèche service & Kids activities

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re here to help you find time in the day to do things for yourself, with a daily crèche service that’s designed to help you take a breath, to make the most of our facilities and to focus on yourself.

Our crèches welcome children aged 12 weeks to 5 years, and feature play spaces and changing areas, as well as plenty of toys to allow kids to enjoy various games, learning activities, and structured play sessions.

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Kids Football

Our programme of kids football classes is the perfect introduction to the game for children in a range of age groups.

Parent and child classes are designed to allow children as young as 18 months to start their football journey, with the focus on learning through play.

Children can then progress onto four age group classes, 3-4s, 5-7s, 8-11s and 12-14s. Our classes for younger age groups follow a structured programme of fun, pressure-free football. Each child will have their own ball, keeping engagement high and making sure that learning, fun and development are all at the core of every class.

Our 8-11 and 12-14 classes are less structured, allowing children and teenagers to join a social game, play with their friends, take part in fun competitions, and keep active whilst playing a sport they love.

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Scooter Squad

The little ones will love Scooter Squad, our latest exclusive class which is all about making new friends, mastering scooter tricks, and learning to stay safe on your scooter.

Fun interactive games designed to help children to learn are combined with elements of teaching and learning, all set to carefully selected music and disco lighting to enhance the experience.

With classes for children aged 3-4, 5-7 and 8-11, you’re sure to find a session that suits your child, and they can even earn awards and badges based on their learning achievements and attendance.

Currently all classes are delivered to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Scooter Squad is available in selected clubs.

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Nurture young talent with expert coaching

While kids’ games and sporting activities suit many children, others thrive via more structured, educational options.

Our LTA-endorsed Junior Tennis coaching provides lessons for kids of all ages and abilities to get started with the game. Fully-qualified coaches deliver a progressive programme that aims to introduce children to the game and inspire them to play for years to come. Appropriate court sizes and equipment allow little ones to learn in a way that suits their size and skill level.

Similarly, our Junior Swim sessions give children the perfect introduction to swimming, following the Swim England Swimmer Pathway which helps kids to develop a full range of swim strokes and water skills. Ideal for children aged between 3 months and 16 years, kids are encouraged to learn through fun and games in the water.

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The booking process

With the exception of parties, holiday camps and coaching sessions, all of our activities are included free as part of your child’s membership. You can book onto sessions via the website or on our mobile app.

For parties, holiday camps and coaching courses, we would recommend speaking to a member of the team at your club to find out more information and to ensure you select something that is right for your child.

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