If you’re keen to test your reflexes, boost your fitness and work up a sweat with a racquet in hand, play squash at David Lloyd Clubs.

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Play squash at David Lloyd Clubs

Whether you're a seasoned player looking for a new court to play on, or you're picking up a racquet for the first time, players of all abilities are welcome on our squash courts at David Lloyd Clubs. This thrilling game is fast-paced yet sociable, with very few rules to follow. It's a great way to keep fit and incorporate more cardio into your schedule, as well as burn off excess energy and shake off any stress.

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Squash courts

With over 70 squash courts across the UK, as well as fully qualified coaches, David Lloyd Clubs provides the ideal setting to give the game of squash a try or to compete with fellow members.

Our squash courts are well-lit and prominently positioned within our clubs, while the majority of them feature glass rear walls to allow fellow members to take in the game.

Find a squash court near you

Image of men playing squash at David Lloyd Clubs

Booking a Court

The court booking process at our clubs is very simple. If your chosen membership gives you access to our racquets facilities, you'll be able to book via the David Lloyd Clubs app. Court availability corresponds with what is shown in the app, and what's even better is you can book in two weeks in advance, so you can fit in a game around your schedule.

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Included in Membership

There are various levels of membership at David Lloyd Clubs. Choose a package which includes access to our racquets facilities and you'll be able to book time on the court using the David Lloyd Clubs app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does booking squash courts cost extra?

If racquets are included in your membership, there's no extra charge for booking a court