If you’re keen to test your reflexes, boost your fitness and work up a sweat with a racquet in hand, squash could be the sport for you.

Image of men playing squash at David Lloyd Clubs

Play squash at David Lloyd Clubs

Squash is unique in that it’s fast-paced yet sociable, and with few rules to worry about, it’s a great way to keep fit, burn off excess energy and shake off your frustrations. Whether you’re a frequent player who’s keen to find a new place to play, or you’re ready to pick up a racquet for the very first time, squash is a thrilling game for those of all abilities.

With nearly 150 squash courts across the UK, as well as a large group of fully-qualified coaches, David Lloyd Clubs provides the ideal setting to give the game a try or to compete with fellow members.

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Our squash facilities

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re known for the quality of our racquets facilities.

Our courts are well-lit and prominently positioned within our clubs, while the majority of them feature glass rear walls to allow fellow members to take in a game.

Plus, with safety and hygiene in mind, our squash courts are frequently cleaned and maintained to allow you to play with confidence.


Image of men playing squash at David Lloyd Clubs

Why play squash?

A game of squash provides a great workout and can be an excellent calorie burner. It’s essentially a fast-paced HIIT workout, with the bonus of a fun game on top! Squash requires plenty of energy and can also be a very tactical game, with subtle skills required to control the ball and challenge your opponent.

Squash requires minimal equipment (just a racquet and a ball) and is easy to fit into a busy schedule, making it accessible for everybody. It doesn’t have to be taken too seriously either, so if you and a friend simply want to enjoy a rally and the fun of hitting the ball against the wall, you can! Squash can also be adapted, with variants like ‘sides’ allowing you to play without the worry of close contact with an opponent.

Best of all, squash is a great social sport. Our Clubs are home to welcoming squash communities, meaning you’ll always find someone to play with and to enjoy a coffee with after your match.

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Squash lessons and coaching

If you’re ready to boost your enjoyment of the game by improving your knowledge and enhancing your squash skills, our expert coaches are on hand at a number of Clubs.

Lessons are available for players of all levels, so you can learn the basics, develop new skills and become more aware of tactical elements required to be successful on the squash court.

Coaches can be booked for either 1-to-1 or small group sessions, and will work with you on various aspects of the game, whether that’s learning new techniques, or even enhancing your fitness to allow you to develop your match play.

If you wish to get started with lessons at your Club, please speak to a member of the racquets team next time you're in Club.

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