Discover more about our saunas and steam rooms, where you can enjoy the many benefits of heat therapy.

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Sauna interior at David Lloyd Clubs

Luxury and poolside saunas

You'll find saunas at almost every David Lloyd Club. These include poolside saunas, which are ideal for easing your muscles after a workout. Some Clubs have additional saunas for when you want to totally relax and unwind, such as Himalayan salt saunas, as well as plunge pools to help you cool off. We also have Spa Retreats at selected Clubs. These luxurious spas are designed to help you tend to your full-body wellness, and you'll find both indoor and outdoor saunas depending on the Club. Wherever you choose to join, you'll be able to experience the benefits of heat therapy for mind and body.

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Interior of steam room at David Lloyd Clubs

Steam rooms

Whether your goal is easing stress, soothing post-workout muscles or simple relaxation, step into the steam rooms at David Lloyd Clubs. There are many benefits associated with this type of heat therapy, such as improving circulation, easing congestion, making skin healthier, and relieving sore joints and muscles. The humidity is the perfect contrast to the dry heat of the sauna, and steam rooms are typically at a lower temperature.

As with our saunas, the steam rooms vary depending on the Club, with some that feature bespoke aromatherapy blends.

Aromatherapy crystal steam room at David Lloyd Clubs

Aromatherapy steam rooms

To enhance your experience, some steam rooms - including those at our Spa Retreat Clubs - feature aromatherapy blends that have been exclusively created for David Lloyd Clubs. These blends are designed to create a multi-sensory sanctuary, enhancing your mood and melting away the stresses of the day.
Hydro pool at David Lloyd Clubs

Benefits of saunas and steam rooms

Heat therapy can play an important part in wellness given the range of benefits associated with saunas and steam rooms.

In a sauna, you will experience a deliciously dry heat that, while relaxing, can ultimately leave you feeling energised - particularly if you pair it with a cold shower or plunge pool straight afterwards! Studies suggest sauna bathing can be particularly beneficial if you're experiencing lower back pain, as well as helping to ease sore and stiff muscles throughout the body. These benefits explain the popularity of saunas as part of post-workout recovery, but you can also simply head there to unwind.

A steam room can bring similar benefits, although this time you'll be relaxing in humidity. 

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Sauna and steam rooms included in your membership

The spa facilities you can access depend on the Club you choose and your type of membership. As well as relaxation time in saunas and steam rooms, a David Lloyd Clubs membership can be your ticket to full-body wellness, from working on your fitness in the gym, pool or an exercise class to socialising and refuelling in the welcoming Clubroom. You'll find everything under one roof, so you can get the most from every visit.
Hydro pool at David Lloyd Clubs

Spa facilities

In addition to saunas and steam rooms, you can enjoy a range of spa facilities, depending on the Club, such as hydro pools, heated beds and feature showers. Some Clubs have outdoor spa facilities, and a number offer treatments such as sports massage. Explore the spa facilities at David Lloyd Clubs >