Racquets Booking Policy


  1. Court bookings can be made online or via the mobile app from 8am, 9 days in advance or 8 days in advance at reception, in person or over the phone. 

  2.  All courses are available for booking once published on the timetable except for Tennis Stars which is subject to a Priority Booking window.

  3.  All chargeable courts, classes and courses must be paid for in full at the time of booking. Refunds will only apply if 24 hours notice of cancellation is given for the class or court booking time or before the first instance of a course.

  4.  Full members can book courts and racquets classes on the day at any David Lloyd Leisure Club* subject to availability.

  5.  Vantage Full members can book courts and classes up to 9 days in advance online at any David Lloyd Leisure Club* or 8 days in advance via reception subject to availability.

  6.  Clubs reserve the right to introduce advanced booking restrictions at times where Racquets courts are in high demand. During such times, the member will only be able to make one advanced booking per day. Subject to availability, additional bookings in high demand periods can be made 24 hours in advance.

  7.  Booking durations are 1 hour for singles and 1 hour 30 minutes for doubles during periods within high demand. Bookings can be made for 1 hour 30 minutes for singles and 2 hours for doubles at all other times. Squash courts can be booked for 40 minutes.

  8.  Court booking rights follow peak and off-peak membership access rights.

  9.  Bookings require the names of all players. If players’ names are not available at the time of booking, the booking will be held provisionally. To confirm the court booking players names must be provided 24 hours prior to the booking start time or the court will be released. Amendments to players’ names can be made at any time prior to booking start time.

  10.  Classes and courts can be booked for any person connected with your membership package.

  11.  Bookings for junior members under 14 years of age can only be made by an adult (parent or guardian).  Any adult linked to a child’s membership may make the booking.

  12.  Courts for private tennis lessons can be booked online, at reception, or via the coach. To book lessons less than 24 hours in advance please speak directly to your coach.

  13.  If a court booking is not used or is cancelled with less than 24 hours advance notice, a ‘late cancellation’ or ‘no show’ strike will apply to the member who booked the court, unless the court is rebooked by another member.

  14.  Three late court cancellations or no-shows in any 90 day period will result in the loss of advanced booking rights for 1 month (30 days) for courts and private lessons.

  15.  Member guests can be named as an additional player on a court booking.

  16.  If a racquet court is empty 10 minutes after a booking start time, the court may be released for use by other members
  17.  Clubs reserve the right to pre book courts and restrict bookings made by junior members.

  18.  Health & Fitness members can book a tennis, squash, badminton or padel court on the day at any David Lloyd Leisure club* if one is available. Additional charges payable at the time of booking will apply.

  19.  If a Health and Fitness adult member is found to be on court without paying the appropriate fee, they must pay the court fee and the booking rights for everyone on their membership will be lost for one month

Download the Racquets Booking FAQs