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What is Team PB?


Team PB was a six-week programme to motivate, encourage and support people to realise their health goals, specifically with Coronavirus in mind.

Launched by David Lloyd Clubs, alongside psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibbard and nutritionist Jenna Hope, Team PB welcomed six people from around the country, who took part and shared their stories, challenges and achievements across the six week programme.

Taking a ‘360’ approach to health and fitness, members started with an assessment with Dr Jessamy and nutritionist Jenna Hope to understand how they have been affected by the pandemic, what has been holding them back in the past and identifying any barriers or bad habits.

Alongside sessions with David Lloyd Personal Trainers, an in-depth and tailored support package was created for each of them. With three one-to-one PT sessions a week over the six weeks and regular video meetings with Dr Jessamy and Jenna Hope, members were equipped with the tools and support they needed to help create healthy life-long habits.

We followed their progress every step of the way - take a look below to find out more about the members, experts and PTs who brought Team PB to life, and be sure to read the experts’ tips on getting back into exercise.

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Meet the members

Tom (54)


When the pandemic hit I was trying my best to keep active and stay positive and found exercise really helped with this. I was going on regular runs with the DL Run Club and doing online classes from home. By the time I reached the third lockdown, I hit a brick wall and my health took a bit of a nosedive. I put on weight, after doing really well at losing a significant amount over the last couple of years and struggled mentally so I’m hoping Team PB will get me back on track with my health journey.


Eva (59)


This year, I will be celebrating my 60th birthday and as I step closer to this milestone, I have realised that I need to be more active to maintain my health for years to come. Despite having a few pre-existing health niggles, I regularly played tennis and attended Zumba classes prior to the pandemic. However, lockdown has had a huge impact on my activity levels, and now more than ever I am determined to push myself to improve my physical well-being with the help of Team PB.



Rachael (44)


Over the past year, I have worked hard to try and maintain my health and fitness because it is key in helping me manage my stress and anxiety, but during the last lockdown I lost a lot of momentum and with Team PB’s help I would like to start seeing results. Like many of us, I have struggled with anxiety and the prospect of being a part of Team PB has given me newfound motivation to get back into exercising so I can improve my mental and physical health. I work in an industry that was one of the first to close and will be last to fully reopen and when it does, I need to be physically and mentally fit to give it my all so I can gradually get back on my feet. I am raring to go the extra mile to improve my overall health with the guidance of Team PB's experts and PTs.



John (41)


Over the past year of being in and out of multiple lockdowns, I have lost my motivation to stay fit and healthy - largely because of my drastically increased working hours and having the responsibility of supporting a family of six. I feel completely burnt out and hope that Team PB will help put me back on track to leading a healthy lifestyle so my physical and mental health can improve.



Jack (27)


I was an asymptomatic sufferer of COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic, and I suddenly found it incredibly hard to breathe during exercise, which played a part in why I gave up exercising altogether. With Team PB's help, I would like to work towards building a stronger and healthier physique by challenging my fitness levels and growing my confidence.



Michelle (32)


I am a mother of three and after contracting COVID-19 in December 2020 I have since been unable to reach my full potential in fitness. Pre-pandemic, I was used to running eight miles a day, but now I experience a lot of post-exercise exhaustion and I’m not able to exercise as regularly as I would like. I have always relied on exercise to help relieve stress, and I am finding it hard to find the right balance now as I recover. I strive to be fit and strong so I can keep up with my children and I’m excited to be part of Team PB so I can once again reach my potential with professional guidance throughout this amazing journey.

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Meet the experts


Dr Jess Hibberd, Psychologist


I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, bestselling author and speaker. With over 15 years in clinical practice, I run an online clinic where I work one-to-one with adults experiencing common mental health problems. Ever since I gained my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and since I completed my accreditation in CBT, I have been on a mission to make psychology more accessible for people.

My position on Team PB will be to give each member an individual psychological assessment so they can think about how best to approach this challenge. I will work with them on any underlying issues, helping them to improve their self esteem and recognise their strengths as well as understanding what has been holding them back and help them feel more empowered to tackle their issues head on. I can’t wait to see them develop in confidence as they start to see the results.



Jenna Hope, Nutritionist


I am a registered nutrition consultant with a first-class undergraduate degree and a masters degree from The University of Surrey. I founded Jenna Hope Nutrition, which is a nutrition consultancy company, with the aim to empower individuals to make positive and long-lasting change. I work closely with individuals, brands and companies to help them implement smarter nutritional strategies.

Nutrition is complex and very personal– what is right for me, may not be right for you. And without the right diet fuelling your physical programme you won’t achieve your best results. My mission is to educate as many people as I can on the smart ways nutrition can change your life and I am delighted to be a part of David Lloyd’s Team PB; throughout the six weeks I’ll be providing bespoke nutrition and meal advice to help support the team to live the healthiest versions of themselves.


Meet the Personal Trainers


Jack Claxton


I became a PT almost 7 years ago and I’m fully immersed in the world of fitness and committed to training people from a wide range of age ranges and ability levels. Working within a fast-moving industry means I never stop learning about new ways to deliver the best possible results to my clients.

Jack’s top 3 tips for returning to an exercise routine post-lockdown

  • Walk before you can run - ease in gently and the consistency will deliver results
  • Come with a plan and focus, I’d even write it down, that way your committed to doing it!
  • Keep your forms of exercise varied, add in the gym, classes, sports, walks and most importantly don’t forget your recovery



Chantelle Hatcher


I’ve been a coach at David Lloyd Southampton for 5 and a half years, during which time I’ve witnessed many wonderful members make incredible transformations. I love training and helping people reach their goals, and I invest myself fully into every client journey. Proud to be a part of Team PB, I can’t wait to see how members reach and exceed their goals and go on to live happier, healthier lifestyles.

Chantelle’s top 3 tips for returning to an exercise routine post-lockdown

  • An inch of movement will take you closer to your goals than a mile of intention- no matter how small a step you take, just take it!
  • If you're trying a new movement or exercise for the first time, ask an instructor to check your technique before you add weight or resistance.
  • Remember to stretch! An effective cool down can save you a world of aches and pains, allowing you to get on with the things you enjoy.
  • Can I have 4? Start everyday with gratitude. We have our health, and a body that can do amazing things. Be kind to it, we only get one.



Harry Doré


I’m a former full-back for London Irish Academy with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. With my experience and knowledge, I am passionate about helping to take my clients' training to the next level.

Harry’s top 3 tips for returning to an exercise routine post-lockdown

  • Set yourself new goals and focus on them rather than thinking about where you were prior to lockdown
  • Ease yourself back into a balanced routine of exercise, rest and recovery, don’t try and make up for lost time
  • A small workout is better than no workout, create that habit early on so you can maintain a level of consistency



Mark Hargreaves


As a certified personal trainer with almost a decade of experience, I hold a BSc Degree in Sports Therapy. I use scientifically proven training techniques combined with nutritional guidance to help my clients achieve their goals. In an industry where fad diets, misinformation and extreme programmes are plentiful, my passion is to help educate and coach people to train smarter and change their lives.

Mark’s top 3 tips for returning to an exercise routine post-lockdown

  • Prioritise technique over weight
  • Progress by increasing reps or weight while maintaining form
  • Regularly test to track progress, ensuring your performance is going in the right direction



Sophie Lammas


I am lucky enough to work in an industry I love so much. Health and fitness was a keen interest of mine many years before training as a Personal Trainer in 2017. I pride myself on being a dedicated fitness professional, passionate about improving our members health, wellness and quality of life.

Sophie’s top 3 tips for returning to an exercise routine post-lockdown

  • Ensure you perform a thorough warm up at the beginning of your session focusing on mobility and activation
  • It will take time to build your strength back up, focus on your technique to begin, not the weight
  • Recovery is very important. Good nutrition and good sleeping habits will help ensure you get the best out of your sessions and assist the body to repair and recover


Follow the members journey here and across our social channels over the next six weeks to find out how they’re getting on, how they’re feeling, what they’re learning about themselves and their health and fitness and what goals they’re smashing! There will also be lots of tips from our experts to help you on your own journey to helping you find your personal best.

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