Change Please

Since February 2020 we have been in partnership with Change Please, selling their award-winning coffee in our UK Clubs, with every cup sold helping someone’s life change for the better. All profit from Change Please goes towards people experiencing homelessness and offers them a living wage, a job, housing, training and onwards opportunities.


Change Please coffee van

David Lloyd Clubs is proud to be one of the founding contributors to Change Please and their biggest corporate donor. We have so far raised over £2.5 million, helping 230 people access training, support and / or employment.

Our donations support the Driving for Change double decker buses that offer dental, hairdressing and medical support and advice to people experiencing homelessness in London. As well as serving Change Please coffee in our UK Clubs, David Lloyd Clubs has gifted two mobile coffee vans which have been used to sell coffee at cultural events across the UK, such as All Points East, Standon Calling and Sports Stadia such as the Kia Oval. In 2022, these dual branded vans provided work experience for an additional 18 trainees; with one van now permanently sited in Canary Wharf.

We are determined to grow our support for Change Please and the incredible work they do to support people and reduce homelessness in the future.  

Cemal Ezel, Founder and CEO of Change Please said: “We provide a way out [of homelessness] by training people to be speciality level baristas and providing housing, a bank account, therapy sessions and a new job – typically in a David Lloyd Clubs environment, which essentially lifts that person out of homelessness and empowers them to support themselves”. Hearing Cemal talk about the journey people take with Change Please, from homelessness to employment, illustrates how small contributions from our members in the form of buying their daily coffee changes lives in the communities where support is needed.

Find out more by watching the video of Cemal talking to David Lloyd Clubs' Chief Executive Russell Barnes. 



Update November 2023

In June, our Club Support team offered 100 hours of volunteering to support Change Please trainees including ‘Nutrition, hydration and exercise for a healthy life’ workshops, followed by a Mindfulness and Meditation practical session. These were developed especially for the trainees. We also ran Personal Training sessions at the end of training days and held mock interviews and coaching on CV writing with the trainees. These activities formed part of their training on job applications and interviews, bringing an employer perspective to their preparation. We welcomed the new trainees with a useful rucksack packed full of items including stationery, a refillable coffee cup, a water bottle and a polo shirt.

In October, a team from David Lloyd Clubs took part in the RFU/Change Please fundraising event where they abseiled from the top of Twickenham Stadium. The goal was to raise £3,000 which funds three trainees through the Change Please assessment programme and we raised double that amount. 

Our ongoing volunteering support includes on-line and in-person mentoring of graduates from the Change Please training programme. We also share best practice between our central team and the central Change Please team offering skills-based sessions on IT, PR and financial processes. Our health and nutrition experts have offered workshops alongside mindfulness and meditation sessions for each monthly intake of trainees.

Lucy Day change please activity




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