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Active ageing at David Lloyd Clubs

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David Lloyd Clubs is committed to having one Fitness Trainer aged 55+ per club on average, by the end of 2022

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Helping members age well

The whole ethos of David Lloyd Clubs is to be welcoming to all ages. It’s something on which we pride ourselves, and something we very deliberately nurture and promote across all our Clubs, whether it’s through the diverse programming we offer, the way we select our teams, or the wonderful social aspect of our Clubs.

Given the wide range of health benefits that being active can bring, especially as we age, we are proud of the role our clubs are already playing in helping people age well.

Inspired by ukactive’s Reimagining Ageing report, and specifically its call to train a world-class workforce with the skills to engage and support older people – older trainers who are able to inspire their peers – David Lloyd Clubs has made a new commitment. David Lloyd Clubs is committed to having one Fitness Trainer aged 55 or over per club on average, by the end of 2022.

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Meet Andy, who became a Personal Trainer at 55

Andy is one of a select group of older personal trainers already working for David Lloyd Clubs. He had an extensive and successful career within the finance industry, but at the age of 55 he decided he needed a change from the stress and pressure of a high-level office job.

“I wanted to do something that I could enjoy and that would make a difference to people," he says. Andy completed his Level 2 and 3 training within 8 weeks to become a fully qualified PT, and then his Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification. Andy believes that he can really help individuals make lasting changes to their health whilst doing a job he loves. 

Andy’s job now fits around his lifestyle instead of the other way around. A typical day  includes going for a run, working out, training his clients, and then heading down to the beach. After years of doing a two-hour commute into London, this came as a refreshing and needed change. Having always been into fitness and being a competitive athlete from his mid-20s, he enjoys the active side of his new role. “The job keeps me fit and healthy; I do something that I enjoy in an area of life that I love.” 

A typical client for Andy is more mature although his client base is still very diverse. He believes being the oldest PT on the gym floor has lots of benefits: “In many industries the older you get the less valued you become whereas that’s not the case here.” 

If you’re interested in a career change to become a PT, Andy explains that “although it’s scary starting a new career, it’s so worth it to be doing something you love day-in, day-out and making a difference to people’s lives.” 

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Joining David Lloyd as a Fitness Trainer

We are looking for people with brilliant people skills, enthusiastic levels of customer service and an ability to motivate and inspire our members to transform their lives. We are also looking for people who may have an ability to make members feel comfortable and welcome, challenging any perceptions that fitness, or a career in fitness, is solely for younger people.

If you’re interested in becoming a Fitness Trainer from entry level, we can help guide you to a level from where David Lloyd Clubs can provide further in-depth training and support to further advance your qualifications.

Once these qualifications are gained, recruits will then be inducted to the David Lloyd Clubs company programme including a gym engagement and Kickstart training package, and will then be able to join as Health and Fitness Coaches.

Getting Qualified

For those with little to no experience, all you need to get started is a ‘REPS’ or ‘CIMSPA’ recognised Level 2 qualification, both of which are relatively quick and inexpensive to obtain. They generally involve around 40-80 hours of study and can be undertaken via a number of training organisations.


Already possess a Personal Training Level 2 qualification?