Get your little ones on the court with Tennis Stars, our exclusive junior coaching programme for kids

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What is Tennis Stars?

Tennis Stars is a fun-filled progressive and structured tennis programme for young children; with skills, development, fun, and fitness at the heart of everything. Starting off on mini courts, with mini nets and sponge balls, children will move through the levels as their game and skills develop.

The structure is based on coaching and competition in 4 stages: Blue, Red, Orange and Green with players progressing through a number of levels at each colour stage.

Each exciting stage is designed using appropriate court sizes and equipment, so players can learn the game in a way that suits their physical size, emotional maturity and technical and tactical skill. With over 40 years of experience, our professional coaches deliver each lesson with variations in age and ability in mind, to keep the programme relevant and exciting to every player.

Tennis Stars: Officially endorsed by Judy Murray

Tennis Stars is officially endorsed by expert tennis coach, Judy Murray OBE. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the industry, Judy is a national tennis coach and leader in getting children into sport in the UK. She is also mother to professional tennis players Jamie and Sir Andy Murray, both of whom she coached growing up.
Judy’s passion is to encourage children to get active and involved in sport by making it as fun and inspiring as possible. With a wealth of experience in the industry, she has used her extensive knowledge and expertise to fine tune the content of our Tennis Stars coaching programme. Judy's involvement in the programme will not only enhance your child’s experience but they will also develop vital training skills to play great tennis.
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Developed with expertise from Dr Anne Pankhurst

The coaching content of David Lloyd Clubs Tennis Stars programme has been contributed to by coach education and athlete development consultant, Dr Anne Pankhurst.

Anne has worked as a coach education consultant to many different tennis National Governing Bodies, organisations, clubs and academies in different parts of the world for over 30 years. Her work centers on good coaching practice and the development of appropriate tennis specific pathways for players, coaches and parents.

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Junior Tennis Lessons at David Lloyd Clubs

Kids are taught progressive physical, technical, tactical and sportsmanship skills. They will also:

  • Compete on a scaled down court that is appropriate to their size, strength and ability.
  • Develop tactical awareness from an early age while learning good technical skills.
  • Develop competitive and mental skills to help them progress their tennis.
  • Progress to full tennis in a system that is appropriate to their developmental needs.

If your child is interested in learning tennis in a professional coaching environment, whilst having buckets of fun and making friends, then Tennis Stars is the perfect place to start.

“Grass roots tennis plays a key part in reaching out to new participants, giving them the opportunity to step out on court & ultimately grow the sport of tennis. As such HEAD is delighted to be part of The Tennis Stars Programme, with industry leading content & engaging, enthusiastic coaches. It’s a great way to get your child into the sport of tennis”
Dave Shaw General Manager HEAD (UK)
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What are the colours/levels?

Our Tennis Stars programme is divided into 4 age groups: Blue (age 3-5), Red (age 5-8), Orange (age 8-9), Green (age 9-10). There are 4 levels in each colour - 1 is a beginner at that level and 4 is advanced.

Each of the colours represent different-sized courts that allow children to develop and learn relevant to their age and ability, giving them more of a chance to enjoy longer rallies, and develop good habits and instincts. The kids will use smaller racquets and softer balls that fit their size, strength and abilities.

From an initial introduction to tennis; learning the basics and fundamental ABC’s, to nailing the technique and tactics and competing in both team and individual events, our Tennis Stars programme will boost your little stars confidence and improve their skills as they work their way through the levels.

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Tennis Stars Values

Tennis Stars aims to introduce and inspire children to play tennis whilst having fun, making friends and learning key skills for life. Our professional coaches use quality equipment relevant to the age and ability of each player, to build confidence and spark a love for the sport.

Our energetic group-based coaching sessions encourage the development of physical, social, technical and tactical and mental/emotional skills, with safe and competitive lessons that focus on reward and recognition. With tennis-based games and activities, watch your little ones create friendships and gain independence as they learn key hand-eye coordination, problem solving and decision-making skills. All of which form a foundation to be able to play (and succeed at) many other sports.

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Do your little ones know their ABC’s?

The secret to children developing the key skills needed for Tennis comes down to learning the ABC’s; agility, balance and co-ordination. Our coaches design activities that teach these physical skills in a fun and creative way, based on each player’s age and ability.

From the ages of 3 – 14 years old, the physical ability of each player will vary. This is because of the different rates of growth, development and maturation (GDM) affecting the developmental age of young players. This includes different physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills, impacting how quickly they’re able to learn and compete.

With this in mind, our junior tennis programme has been carefully designed to deliver fun and well-structured coaching, relevant for children of all ages and abilities.

Image of tennis stars session at David Lloyd Clubs

Parent Pledges

For each stage of the programme, we’ll provide parents with our Parent Pledges. These Pledges describe the skills we will be helping your child learn by the end of each level, along with some ideas of how you can help them too.

You’ll receive a Tennis Stars pack upon signing up, and your coach will keep you updated on how your little star is progressing both in person and through regular report cards.

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DL Tennis Team

Looking to train and compete more within a team environment with our best players? For those competitive young players, who shine on our weekly programs and are keen to play more tennis, DL Tennis Team gives them the opportunity to train and compete in-house with others of a similar age, ability, and drive.

DL Tennis Team recognises our best, young players (at red, orange, and green level) who have transitioned into levels 3 and 4 of our tennis stars program.

On top of their Tennis Stars level 3 or 4 group, all our players will have the opportunity to join a DL Tennis Team training session that develops their competitive skills within a team environment as well as purchasing the DL Team kit and really looking the part!