Tennis is a great game to learn at a young age. Our programme of lessons and classes for kids are the perfect way for youngsters to get started and develop.

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Junior Tennis Lessons at David Lloyd Clubs

Discovering a new sport is a great way for children to develop not only new skills and techniques, but also a perfect opportunity to build friendships and to learn other qualities such as teamwork, resilience and concentration.

At David Lloyd Clubs, our expert LTA Qualified and Accredited coaches, state-of-the-art racquets facilities and comprehensive programme of tennis lessons for kids provide an ideal environment for learning the game.

Whether your child is young and has never picked up a racquet before, or they’re slightly older and are looking to take their game to the next stage, we’ll find the right level and help them to realise their potential whilst having plenty of fun.

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All Stars Tennis (3-11 yrs)

Our tennis coaching for kids provides young children with a progressive and structured tennis programme, with skills, development, fun, and fitness at the heart of everything. Starting off on mini courts, with mini nets and sponge balls, children will move through the levels as their game and skills develop.

Our All Stars Tennis programme is divided into 4 age groups: Blue (age 3-6), Red (age 5-9), Orange (age 8-10), Green (age 9-11). There are 4 levels in each colour - 1 is a beginner at that level and 4 is advanced.

The colours represent different sized courts that allow children to develop and learn relevant to their age, giving them more of a chance to enjoy longer rallies, and develop good habits and instincts. The kids will use smaller racquets and softer balls that fit their size, strength and athleticism. Plus, whenever your child moves up a level, they will receive a new t-shirt to recognise this progression.

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Junior tennis (11-18 yrs)

For older junior members aged 11-18 years, we continue with weekly group coaching sessions to allow keen tennis players to fully develop their game. This follows the same format, with 4 different levels across 4 age categories (U11, U12, U14 and U18). Sessions take place on a full size court, with a combination of drills to work on specific techniques along with competitive matchplay.

We also offer fun, social Club and Cardio Tennis sessions, as well as match plays and competitions, giving young players the opportunity to spend time on court in a number of different scenarios.

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The perfect way to stay active

Developing an interest in tennis from an early age can help to nurture an interest that can be appreciated throughout life.

It’s also a game that the whole family can play together – whether that’s a friendly game on holiday, or a match which gets the competitive juices flowing – so having a solid foundation in the rules and techniques of the game will give you a sport you can enjoy all year round.

It’s a great way to stay fit, too. Tennis has you constantly moving, twisting, turning and using muscles across the whole of your body, so is great for cardiovascular fitness, as well as for boosting your strength and flexibility.

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How do kids tennis lessons work at David Lloyd Clubs?

If you would like to get started and want to book onto the junior tennis programme, please email the Tennis Team at your club and the team will be in touch to book you onto an appropriate session.

Please use the following email address format to get in touch: (for example [email protected]).

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Play as a family

At David Lloyd Clubs, we provide a safe, active and quality environment for the whole family. From structured kids tennis lessons and coaching for the little ones to get involved with, to indoor and outdoor tennis facilities for taking part in family games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, if you’re keen to get a workout in while the kids tackle a tennis lesson, our gyms and fitness classes offer you every opportunity to take time to look after your own health and fitness.

And if you’re looking for a relaxed, friendly place to hang out as a family afterwards, our Clubrooms and social spaces are a great spot to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat.

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