Help your little ones learn to love the water while staying active and developing key swimming techniques

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Kids Swimming at David Lloyd Clubs

Swimming is a brilliant way for children to stay fit and healthy, while learning to swim is an essential skill for kids to acquire at an early age to ensure they are safe and comfortable near water.

Like riding a bike and learning to walk, swimming is an ability that will stay with a child forever. Our swimming lessons and expert swimming coaching are the perfect way for your children to be introduced to the water and to acquire new skills that will keep them safe as they get older.

Plus, our swimming pools are used by Olympians and novices alike, so who knows, giving the kids the chance to swim could even be the beginning of a new passion and a way of staying fit that they truly enjoy throughout life.

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Swim Equipment and Facilities

Our superb facilities provide the ideal environment for children to take their first steps towards becoming proficient in the water. With indoor and outdoor pools available at several clubs, as well as numerous dedicated kids and family swimming pools, there’s nowhere better to dip your toes in.

We make sure that all of our pools are warm enough for children to comfortably stay in the water, and we provide plenty of inflatables and floatation devices to help them on their way. 

Plus, our spacious family changing rooms take away much of the stress of getting the little ones ready for the water, with no worries about finding room or disrupting fellow members.

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Swimming lessons for kids

At David Lloyd Clubs, we pride ourselves on being the best possible place for your children to learn to swim. Our friendly, experienced and patient instructors are qualified to provide swimming lessons for children aged from just 3 months old. They’ll follow a programme to teach your children the fundamentals of swimming in a fun and safe manner, matching the structure and approach of the Swim England ‘Learn to Swim’ course.

Our swimming lessons for kids are divided into stages and designed to suit your child’s ability, so you should see them progress through the different levels. They’ll move from basic skills, buoyancy and balance, to more complex techniques such as backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

With pool-based games to certificates and badges, we’ll also ensure that your children stay engaged and entertained as they develop crucial skills and grow in confidence in the water.

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Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an essential life skill for kids and one they’ll have tons of fun learning. There are benefits at each stage, even for those earliest swimmers, where making them feel comfortable in the water is the number one priority.

Our baby swimming classes introduce babies to the water slowly, allowing you and your baby to spend quality time together. Expect plenty of games, songs and play to keep the mood lifted.

Baby swimming lessons are shorter, lasting around 30 minute, meaning little swimmers don't get too tired, stressed or overwhelmed. Classes are quite small, so each parent-and-child pairing has plenty of attention from an instructor. 

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Our Swim Instructors

You’ll feel totally at ease when placing your children under the capable guidance of our swim instructors, all of whom are Swim England qualified and carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards we require.

We only recruit instructors who are able to teach swimming lessons for kids in a way that means children are always learning something new and having fun. We also make sure groups remain small to allow kids to receive the individual attention they need from an instructor, so you needn’t worry about your child being left behind or becoming unsafe at any point while they’re in the water.

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What should I expect and how do I sign my child up to lessons?

Childrens swimming lessons can be booked via the David Lloyd Clubs app or in club at reception. Once you've booked your child onto Swim Stars lessons, aim for your child to arrive poolside a few minutes before the start of the lesson, where the teacher will be ready on the poolside to greet and welcome them.

The first lesson might seem a little daunting but our experienced teachers will be ready to provide a positive experience which includes fun games to engage children as they learn. Reward and recognition of your child’s progress will be given on a regular basis.

Children’s swimming lessons are usually 30 minutes each, with more advanced lessons lasting 45 minutes. Lessons run for 50 weeks each year, with a two week break over the Christmas period. Each stage of our programme has specific criteria that children will work towards meeting. Once they have completed the criteria for that stage they will receive a badge and certificate and move up to the next stage of their swimming journey.

"Emma is a fab swimming teacher. She really has the patience of a saint with my boys, who have made a huge amount of progress since starting swimming lessons at David Lloyd."

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Swim Team

If you’re looking to take your child to the next level, then look no further. If they can swim 100 metres performing two of the four main strokes (swim stage 7), then it's the perfect time to join the swim team. Coaches will inspire and support them to improve their skills, stamina and confidence. See them shine at time trials and galas and dive into action at water polo. They’ll discover team work, meet new friends and find their competitive streak!

For ages 8-16.

Take the plunge and speak to a member of the swim team today.

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Leisure Swimming

While swimming lessons and expert coaching are vital for young children looking to learn the basics in order to be safe in the water, our indoor and outdoor swimming pool facilities offer plenty more for kids to enjoy.

A number of our clubs have specialist splash pools which are great for the kids to play around in, with fully trained lifeguards constantly on hand to keep an eye on the little ones. Our larger pools also have dedicated family swim sessions, so you can make a splash as a family on a frequent basis to increase the kids’ exposure to the water.

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Kids swimming - at a glance

At David Lloyd, you'll find everything your child will need to get started with swimming, feel confident in the water and to enjoy time spent with the family in the pool.
  • Over 290 pools in total across the UK
  • More than 90 large indoor pools
  • Over 80 indoor kids pools
  • More than 75 large outdoor pools
  • Plus outdoor kids pools
  • Family changing rooms at the majority of Clubs
  • Numerous categories of swimming lessons for kids to progress through
  • Swim Team opportunities to take their love of swimming further
  • Lessons for kids from 3 months old
  • Parent and baby sessions for children aged 3-36 months