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HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions are great for anyone looking for a fast-paced workout that challenges the whole body.

During any HIIT class you’ll perform a variety of different exercises to work lots of muscle groups, alternating between periods of intense exercise and short sections of rest. You’ll be pushed to work close to your maximum capacity during each exercise interval, with rest periods designed to help you recover your heart rate, ready to go again.

At David Lloyd Clubs, our group exercise programme includes a number of group HIIT classes, including our signature classes BLAZE and IGN1TE, both of which are designed to work your body and enhance your fitness via short spurts of intense activity.

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A HIIT class generally rotates between short intervals of intense exercise followed by short sections of rest, with you working at around 90% of your maximum capacity for each period of exercise. Expect to be out of breath and sweaty within a couple of minutes, so take a big bottle of water so you can rehydrate between sets. Go at your own pace if you’re new to exercise, and tell the instructor if you have any injuries or fitness concerns - they’ll be able to modify any moves or exercises that could be difficult for you.

In sessions such as BLAZE, our interactive screens use Myzone fitness tracking technology, which enables you to see your effort level on the screen and give you an indication of how hard you are working and how much you might have left to give. Your Myzone stats are projected onto digital screens in the form of colour-coded, easy-to-read tiles, so everybody can keep track of their progress throughout a BLAZE session. It's great to add a bit of competition into your workout, whether that's to push yourself harder or to challenge your friends and fellow members.

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BLAZE Rebels

HIIT Classes for families with kids

Take on a HIIT class as a family with our new BLAZE REBELS sessions. HIIT replicates the way most children do play, with short bursts, followed by periods of lower intensity.

Suitable for families with children aged 8+, BLAZE REBELS classes feature short bursts of activity to get the heart pumping, combining mixed martial arts with cardio and strength training in each 35-minute session. Our specially selected playlists will give you plenty of motivation too, meaning it's the perfect way to enjoy a dynamic family workout.

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HIIT classes are a really efficient way to work out, and you can achieve great results in a short amount of time. By working at high intensity, you can burn the same number of calories in 30 minutes as you would in a longer session at lower intensity. HIIT classes also help to build a stronger, healthier heart, boosting your cardiovascular health and endurance, while it’ll also help reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and abdominal fat.

As with all types of group exercise classes, you’ll learn new ways to exercise whilst benefiting from the increased motivation that working out alongside others can deliver, and hopefully make plenty of friends along the way!

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Our most popular HIIT class, BLAZE, combines 3 training modalities: cardiovascular training, strength exercises and combat skills to give a challenging workout in a purpose-built studio with treadmills, strength boxes and punch bags. Our BLAZE classes are set to motivating music and bespoke lighting, and the workout is different every day, ensuring you’re kept on your toes. Find out more about BLAZE.

Closely followed in popularity are David Lloyd Clubs' new, bespoke HIIT programmes, IGN1TE and IGN1TE Strike. These explosive, choreographed HIIT workouts are designed to test your whole body as you kick, punch, jump, laugh, run and fight your way through this totally inspiring workout. Find out more about IGN1TE classes. 

We also have other HIIT options on the gym floor that use a variety of gym equipment and floor exercises to get your heart rate rising. You’ll feel fitter, stronger and leaner in no time.

Included in your membership

At David Lloyd Clubs, your experience doesn’t just end when you complete that final circuit. From spacious and welcoming Clubrooms where you can relax and refuel, to swimming pools and spa facilities that are perfect for post-workout relaxation, and even a creche service to care for the kids while you fit in a workout, our Clubs have everything under one roof so you can get the most from every visit. Plus, as a member of David Lloyd Clubs, you’ll also have exclusive access to a range of HIIT classes and other expert on-demand content via the David Lloyd Clubs app.
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Whenever you’re taking part in a HIIT class, remember to bring a water bottle, wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and ensure you wear trainers that fit well and give you the necessary level of support for high-impact exercises. If you’re keen to keep tabs on your performance in classes such as BLAZE, remember to bring your Myzone fitness tracker too. You can learn more about Myzone technology here. And don't worry if you're trying the class for the first time - we'll loan you a belt to help you get started.