Our varied range of group cycling classes are the ideal way to get your heart pumping on 2 wheels. With purpose-built studios kitted out with market-leading bikes, our range of classes are second to none.
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Cycling classes at David Lloyd Clubs

Group cycling classes have long been a popular way to boost CV (cardiovascular) endurance and build muscle tone. With a variety of different virtual and instructor-led classes available for members to choose from, David Lloyd Clubs have something for anybody who wants to get fitter in the saddle and enjoy a low impact workout.

Our expert instructors will help you to get the very best out of every session, whether that’s by improving your technique and helping with bike setup, or simply by pushing you to work as hard as you can. Plus, with fellow cyclists alongside, you’ll enjoy the added motivation that working out with others can provide.

So, whether you’re an experienced cyclist looking for a different way to train, or a beginner keen to add something new to your workout regime, our indoor cycling classes are perfect for you.

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CYCLONE, our brand new group cycling class, provides a workout that will help you to become stronger, fitter and faster in the saddle.

With instructor-led and virtual options, CYCLONE uses cutting-edge Stages bikes and the latest workout tracking technology to bring you a modern class that will boost your cycling performance. Climb the hills, ride the roads or time trial across the flats – every class will be different and will test your all-round cycling abilities. Plus, motivate yourself to reach the next level as your performance stats are displayed on screen as you ride, allowing you to track your power output, speed and distance.

Classes are inclusive for everyone, not just for elite cyclists. You’ll be challenged to hit the same zones, but the power and fitness level required to achieve this will differ from person to person, so cyclists of all levels can enjoy a workout in a fun group environment.

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Rhythm is a revolutionary new cycle class designed to work your body and free your mind of stresses and strains.

It’s an immersive group cycling workout that tones your muscles, builds stamina and melts away stress and tension. With bespoke playlists, vibrant colours and ambient lighting, Rhythm tests your muscles whilst also unlocking your emotions, whether that's in a virtual class or a class led by one of our expert instructors.

You’ll ride to the rhythm of the music and be pushed to work in and out of the saddle, while the class even incorporates upper body movements with dumbbells, giving you a full body workout. Rhythm is all about energy and fun, and is aimed to see you leaving the studio feeling refreshed and alive.

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Group Cycling

This high energy class on a bike gets you pedalling hard and fast, improving your endurance and strength. Great for those of all abilities, Group Cycling classes help to tone and strengthen the muscles in your legs and lower body, as well as burning calories and increasing both aerobic capacity and general endurance.

While our instructors will work you to make sure you get the most from each class, you can take each session at your own pace, so each ride is as difficult as you want to make it. And like all cycling classes, you’ll enjoy a shared energy with your fellow participants as you work towards your goals.

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How to book and what to expect in a Group Cycling class

All of our group cycling classes are included in the price of your membership. You can find out when your favourite cycling class is scheduled by viewing the timetable for your club either online, or via the David Lloyd mobile app. Booking onto your preferred class is simple too, and can be done either online, via the app or in person at the club. You can even book a specific bike for certain classes.

Our expert trainers will ensure you feel at ease in every class and will welcome you and help you to set your bike up correctly. If you are new to a class, we suggest that you arrive 10 minutes early to help with your set up and to introduce you to the class. To get the most from each session, we recommend you wear cycle shoes to improve your contact with the pedal and to enhance your efficiency.

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What are the Benefits of Group Cycling Classes?

There are plenty of benefits to regularly getting involved with a group cycling session:
  • Group cycling classes can really complement your cycling performance away from the club, by training your muscles and pushing your lactic acid threshold during intense, shorter sessions.
  • Cycling is a brilliant option for anybody who is looking for a cardio workout that puts minimal stress on their joints.
  • A cycling class is a really effective way to burn calories. Depending on the length and type of class, and how hard you push yourself, you can burn hundreds of calories in a session.
  • When combined with a healthy diet, regularly taking part in a group cycling class can be a great way to lose weight and build muscle tone, particularly in your legs and glutes.