From crystal healing steam rooms and biophilia exercises, to recovery-based sound therapy sessions, Europe’s largest health and fitness group reveals the wellness activities we can expect to see more of in 2023

David Lloyd Clubs believe that long term health, fitness and happiness comes from a sustainable, balanced and long-term approach to wellness. With 70% of new members stating that improving their mental health & wellbeing was the motivation for them joining the club in 2022, we can expect that a more holistic approach to wellness will be a key theme of the trends to come in 2023.

From crystal healing steam rooms and ice caves to sound therapy and working out in amongst nature, here’s what to expect in the new year.


Since the pandemic, Brits have found a new love for being outside in nature, particularly when it comes to exercising, and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Biophilia exercises, which centre around connecting to the natural world both physically and emotionally, have risen in popularity throughout 2022.

Exposure to the natural world provides a range of health and wellness benefits, including improved mood, productivity, increased cognitive function and enhanced creative thinking. Exercising outside also has an impact on our stress levels. High stress levels are lowered in outside environments due to our natural affinity and comfort with nature.

This trend is reflected in fans flocking to outside classes at David Lloyd Clubs such as Meditation and Yoga sessions in their Spa Gardens, David Lloyd Run Club and BATTLEBOX – a class which combines full body fitness training, high energy challenges and teamwork. These classes use outdoor spaces to heighten the senses and provide that all important fresh air.


Brits are increasingly understanding that rest days are just as important as workout days. Prioritising recovery after exercise allows muscles to strengthen and mend with ease. Something that is at the top of many wellness-seekers’ list is the introduction of hot and cold treatments with social mentions for ‘hot therapies’ and ‘cold therapies’ up by 38%1 from 2021 - 2022.

Hot and cold therapies are increasing in popularity. It involves those who have completed a workout immersing themselves in cold or hot water after exercising in order to aid muscle recovery. Cold treatment reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow, whilst hot treatment promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. Cold exposure has also been rel="noopener noreferrer" shown to activate the body's nervous system and trigger a release of noradrenaline in the brain, which helps the body regulate stress.

David Lloyd Clubs has placed an emphasis on hot and cold therapies within its Spa Retreats, with everything from plunge pools and ice caves to citrus and crystal healing steam rooms, giving members the opportunity to add these therapies to their overall wellness routine and enjoy the mind and body benefits.


Now more than ever, Brits are looking for ways to relax and switch off from everyday life, whether this is through meditation or a moment to take in the outdoors. While mindfulness continues to remain popular amongst wellness-seekers, there has also been a move towards using sound therapy as another way of relaxing and re-focusing, with google searches rising in ‘music therapy’ from 2021 - 2022.

Sound therapy is a powerful and effective tool to change the brain’s state and boost mood. It is understood that low frequency sounds are linked to relaxing the brain, while higher frequencies encourage sharpness and focus. Sound therapy is a healing practice that has been used for centuries across different cultures to improve emotional and physical health.

Understanding the importance of sound therapy, David Lloyd Clubs recently launched Binaural Beats, the UK’s first soundwave therapy. Taking place in specially designed meditation rooms, participants have the option to choose from a number of binaural therapy soundtracks (music using different frequencies) depending on what ailment they wish to treat such as anxiety, insomnia or fatigue. David Lloyd Clubs also offer SPIRIT Sound Meditation classes, a type of mindfulness meditation that uses sound to focus the mind.


Over the years, weight training has become much more widely accepted as a part of all gym-goers workout regimes. More and more women are embracing strength training instead of cardio alone for the benefits on the mind and body. Not only does weight training improve metabolism, bone density and strengthens joints, it can also have a positive effect on confidence and a feeling of empowerment. This type of training has also been known to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

There is also a misconception that this type of training will only build muscle, however weight training can also increase the number of calories burnt afterwards when at rest.

Those who haven’t lifted weights before, should consider the help of a PT who can teach the correct form for specific exercises and set up a tailored strength training programme.


Brits of all ages are increasingly interested in training regimes that will help them to improve flexibility and mobility. Having a wider range of movement is key to being more functional in everyday life.

However, it is not just older gym-goers who are interested in strengthening this, as younger people are also starting to think about how to improve their flexibility for now and for later in life. Flexibility training can include a range of exercises such as lunges and stretches as well low impact classes like yoga and pilates.

The benefits of this type of training not only increases flexibility but also decreases the risk of injuries and enables the muscles to work most effectively.

David Lloyd Clubs offer a range of classes which promote flexibility such as Reformer Pilates, Yoga and its signature class SPIRIT. With elements of yoga, pilates and meditation, SPIRIT is a holistic class which allows members to improve their balance, posterior, core and stretch throughout the 45 minute long class.

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