Burn while you binge watch

  • David Lloyd Clubs’ PTVs are personal running-coaches with digital screens on their backs - runners follow the PTVs and enjoy their favourite TV shows as they are running
  • PTVs follow research revealing the potential negative effects of binge-watching and extended periods of inactivity - study finds that 24% of Britons say bingeing makes them feel lethargic and 19% admit it can negatively impact their sleeping patterns

Britain’s love of binge-watching no signs of slowing. However, the more we’re devouring series after series on the sofa, the less active we’re being, and that can impact our health. With this in mind, David Lloyd Clubs has announced the launch of ‘PTVs’: they’re a team of personal outdoor running coaches with digital screens strapped to their backs. People simply run after the coaches and watch their favourite TV shows at the same time.

Although gym-goers can prop a digital tablet on a treadmill, no ‘binge while you exercise’ option exists for people that like to run in the great outdoors. Now, anyone that’s ever wanted to watch an episode of Game of Thrones or Westworld while also enjoying a park run can realise that burning ambition.

So how does the new PTV service work? People first book a free one-to-one session with a PTV running coach (or they can book as a couple) and choose the TV show they want to watch while they run - whether it’s on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Now TV or Amazon Prime.

In advance of the session the PTV will map out an appropriate off-road running route adjacent to David Lloyd Clubs that is tailored to the client’s running pace and the length of one episode of the chosen show. So clients can expect to cover between 3 – 5K if it’s The Good Place, or 8 – 10K if Jessica Jones or Stranger Things takes their fancy.

Each PTV will sport a custom-made running vest with a digital screen on the back and, upon arrival, the client will be supplied with a pair of wireless headphones. The binge-run will then commence and the client will need to keep up with their running coach if they want to watch their TV show uninterrupted.

Example PTV runs and TV shows (distances based on UK average running paces and the episode lengths):

  • Lost In Space: 6.5K run / 48 minutes
  • Game of Thrones: 7.5K run / 56 minutes
  • The Crown: 8K run / 59 minutes
  • The Good Place: 3K run / 22 minutes
  • The Marvellous Mrs Maisel: 6.5K run / 49 minutes
  • Stranger Things: 7.5K run / 55 minutes
  • Westworld: 8K run / 59 minutes


The pioneering new PTV service is designed to raise awareness of the importance of staying active and moving regularly – even during a binge-watching marathon – with recent scientific research revealing that not doing this can have a negative impact on a person’s short and long-term health1.

The introduction of the PTV service also follows new research from David Lloyd Clubs2, which reveals that a quarter (24%) of Britons currently do not do any exercise each week because of their hectic day-to-day schedules.

The study, however, also confirmed the widespread nature of the binge-watching trend across the nation, with one in five (18%) finding time to watch over 31 hours of TV a week and one in eight (12%) admitting to have binge-watched their favourite show for more than eight hours straight in the past year.

While some positive effects of TV bingeing were revealed in the research, including helping people relax and de-stress (26%), there were a number of more negative consequences detailed as well. These included making people eat more (26%), causing them to feel lethargic during the day (24%) and having a negative effect on their sleeping patterns (19%), meaning the introduction of the new class to help combat the issue couldn’t be more suitably timed.

Jorge Fernandes, GM at David Lloyd Chigwell, said: “We are always looking at ways we can introduce exciting new types of classes and services that can really benefit our members. We appreciate that the hectic nature of modern life means people often struggle to find time to exercise each week. Our new PTV classes aim to counter this trend, giving time-poor parents and young professionals the perfect means to stay up to date with their favourite shows while ensuring they stay active and healthy at the same time.”

PTV sessions are to initially be trialled at David Lloyd Chigwell over the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April 2018. The sessions are open to members and non-members - those wishing to register can do so at www.davidlloyd.co.uk/ptv. Depending on the success of the trial, David Lloyd Clubs will look into rolling out the service across the UK over the spring and summer months.  


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Notes to editors:

– http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-us/cancer-news/press-release/2018-03-09-binge-watching-tv-could-increase-bowel-cancer-risk-in-men



2 - Research conducted by Markettiers on behalf of David Lloyd Clubs in April 2018. 2,000 British adults were surveyed.

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