- David Lloyd Clubs reveals adults trying to keep up with their kids leaves 35% of them injured -

Research reveals that parents are going the extra mile to keep up with their kids and get involved in their hobbies
The new survey, from David Lloyd Clubs, reveals that nearly 2 in 5 (35%) parents have injured themselves whilst playing with their children
63% admit that they get involved in their children’s activities to stay cool and relevant, while almost half (47%) say that they do it to spend more time with them
Despite all of this, family bonding is a top priority with over half (57%) saying that they enjoy spending time away from the home with their loved ones and 46% enjoying learning new things with their children
David Lloyd Clubs’ new scooter programme in partnership with Micro Scooters is a way for children to learn a new skill safely, all classes delivered to meet Covid-19 safety guidelines 

Parents are going the extra mile to keep up with their kids – even if it means putting themselves in comical danger. In fact, new research shows that nearly 2 in 5 (35%) UK parents have injured themselves whilst playing with their children. 

While the saying ‘child’s play’ refers to something that is easy to do, a recent survey from David Lloyd Clubs proves that children’s activities have never been further from simple, with a whopping 37% of adults admitting to having tripped over a football and hurting themselves whilst trying to get involved in their child’s hobby. And it’s not just football that’s proving tricky for adults to get the hang of: over a third of parents (36%) have fallen over whilst running with their kids, a quarter (25%) have fallen off of a bike while attempting to join in with their kids, and 12% have even been hit with a golf club or tennis racket.

With accidents happening left, right and centre, it’s a wonder why parents and guardians are so desperate to get involved in what their child is doing, but the research shows that for 63%, it’s from a want to stay ‘cool’ and ‘relevant’. Some even go so far as to secretly practice on their child’s bike or scooter before giving it to them so that they will appear more advanced and clued up. 

But for other parents – almost half, in fact – the reason for putting themselves in injuries way by way of football, bikes, scooters and even running is all because they want to spend more time with their children. This runs true in the general category of family time as it’s clear that bonding with loved ones is a top priority in the UK, with over half of parents (57%) saying that they enjoy spending time away from the home with their loved ones. 

And despite the injury, almost half of UK parents (46%) really enjoy learning new things with their children.

David Lloyd Clubs’ new class, Scooter Squad, is a class for children teaching them how to scoot safely in a fun environment. Subject to demand, adult classes will be featured on the timetable, so grown-ups can get in on the action. 

Susie Malcom, Group Family Manager for David Lloyd Clubs said: “It’s great that parents want to be spending more time with their kids, especially to learn to hobbies. But they needn’t injure themselves in the process! David Lloyd Clubs’ new scooter class, Scooter Squad, is a way for children to learn a new hobby under the safety of an instructor. And we’ve a class for grown-ups in the pipeline subject to demand!

“In an exclusive partnership with Micro Scooters, the classes, which cater for 3-4 year olds, 5-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds and their parents focuses on safe scooting, and incorporates activities such as song and rap, scooter licenses and pimp my scooter. The 8+ class even includes a safe introduction to tricks and ramps.”

Ben Gibson, Manging Director at Micro Scooters UK says our partnership with David Lloyd Clubs couldn’t be timelier.  Since lockdown we have seen a huge increase in parents buying adult scooters for themselves so they can keep up with the kids, enjoy time together and of course to look cool.  With many children due to go back to school soon the Scooter Squad classes are a great way for children to learn to use their scooter properly and to get a daily dose of exercise. 

Scooter Squad is currently running in 26 Clubs across the UK including Manchester, Cheshire Oaks, Ipswich, Basildon, Royal Berkshire, Gidea Park, Hampton, Acton Park, Finchley, Gloucester, Narborough, Basildon, Kings Hill, Worthing, Leeds, Belfast, Raynes Park, Renfrew, Farnham, Speke, Warrington, Luton, Emmerson’s Green, Cheadle, Cambridge and Newcastle  

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