Mums admit they pile on the pounds and lose their fitness over school holidays -

Snacking and social events to blame for school summer holiday weight gain

Mums admit they pile on the pounds and lose their fitness over school holidays

RESEARCH has revealed that 1 in 5 mums pile on as much as 4-6 pounds over the summer holidays. 

The study by David Lloyd Clubs revealed that 60% of mums have made ‘new school year resolutions’ to lose weight as the kids go back to school, with 35% also pledging to make their kids’ lunch boxes healthier this term.

As mums swapped pilates for picnics, Body Pump for barbeques and HIIT for holidays over the summer, 40% admit they snacked more during the summer holidays and nearly half (48%) say a lack of routine lead their waistbands to expand. 

But it’s not just food, 28% said they also drank more alcohol over the summer, thanks to socialising with friends more often in the warmer weather and longer evenings. 

The summer of indulgence has left 1 in 10 mums worrying about what they look like as they return to the school run routine and 19% saying they feel self-conscious when they drop their kids off at the school gates. 

To help ease mums back in to their fitness regime, David Lloyd Clubs has created the ‘School Run Workout’, which encourages parents to drop and squat at the school gates, at home or in the park at the weekend.  

The ‘School Run Workout’ uses all the things parents will find on the school run, from lunch boxes to rucksacks and even buggies and babies in place of weights and fitness apparatus. 

Elaine Denton, Group Health & Fitness Support Manager at David Lloyd Clubs says, 
‘With relaxed socialising and lazy summer days, it can be easy for anyone to neglect their fitness routine. That’s why September is the busiest time of year at our clubs after January, with lots of people keen to make a fresh start and commit to new resolutions’ to get in shape ready for Christmas.’ 

She adds, ’10 minutes of exercise a few times a day is enough to start creating a healthier lifestyle and the good thing about the School Run Workout exercises is that they can easily be slotted into your daily schedule and be done with your kids, with everyday props or simply with friends.’ 

The mums surveyed said the summer holidays were second only to Christmas as the worst time of year for gaining weight. 

How to do the School Run Workout: 
TERM TIME TRICEP DIPS: Find a bench or surface to lean on, then place your arms behind you, shoulder-width apart on the bench. Extend your legs out in front of you and slowly lower your body to the ground, making sure you gently bend your elbows as you do so. Repeat 20 times. 
SCHOOL WALL PRESS UPS: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, place your arms out straight in front of you against the wall. Slowly bend your arms and keep your feet firmly on the floor as you inch your body towards the wall. Repeat 20 times. 
PLAYGROUND PULL UPS: You’ll need a bar or climbing frame to perform this move. Extend your legs in front of you and wrap your arms under the bar so that you can pull your body weight up to the bar using your arms. If you want to make the move slightly easier, bends your knees so the movement is smaller. Repeat 20 times. 
SCHOOL GATE SQUATS: Adding weights to your squats makes your body work harder. If you don’t have dumbbells, your children’s lunch box or even cans of beans will work. Keep your shoulders back and lower yourself from standing in to a seating position, making sure you don’t let your knees pass over your toes as you bend. Repeat 20 times. 
BUGGY WALKING LUNGES: As you stride along with your buggy, drop your back knee down towards the ground. Bring your feet back together as you stride and repeat for 20 strides. 
BACK TO SCHOOL BICEP ROW: Holding a water bottle, lunch box or weight, curl your arms towards you before lifting them up straight above your head. Bring your arms back down to your side, then repeat the movement 20 times.

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