Black Friday


-       New fitness routine shows shoppers how to get fit for the Black Friday rush -

With the weather taking a cold turn, most people have long forgotten their bikini diet, but there’s now a new goal on everyone’s minds - to get Black Friday fit.

Ahead of the infamous Friday sales event, David Lloyd Clubs has created a workout for shoppers to boost their strength and stamina so they can be in the best possible shape for when the most psychically demanding day of the year arrives on 25th November.

The workout consists of squats, weights and sprints to help shoppers build muscle to carry everything from coffee machines to TVs, gain speed for racing to the best bargains and even includes yoga poses for keeping your cool when everyone else is losing theirs in the madness of Black Friday.

For those who want to avoid the Black Friday sales entirely? David Lloyd Clubs is offering a free day pass to take sanctuary, and enjoy some peace and quiet in their clubs across the country on 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2016.

David Lloyd Clubs has created the Black Friday Workout and advises keen shoppers to start the routine a week ahead of the sales; 

Narrow wall press up – This move will get you in perfect shape for wrestling your way through the crowds. Stand with your arms slightly less than shoulder-width apart on a wall, bend your elbows and lower your body towards the wall. Repeat 10 times. 


Bodyweight squat jumps – If you need to reach a high shelf this Black Friday, getting in to shape with squats will help you reach the items no one else can. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, jump into the air and as you land, lower your body into a squat. Do 10 repetitions. 

Bicep curls – Build your biceps the week before Black Friday so when the day arrives, and others are flagging under the weight of their bags, you’ll be racing through the crowds with your haul.  Get a heavy item – even some heavy bags! – start with your palms facing upwards and then bring your arms into your chest. Repeat 10 times. 

Shuttle sprints – Prepare yourself to race into the shop as soon as the doors open with shuttle sprints. Set two markers and run between the two six times. Time yourself, rest for five minutes and repeat. Continue for five shuttles. 

Get in the zone – If you – or your bank balance – is seeing red, keep calm and adopt the following yoga pose - standing warrior pose- start with your feet together, stride back the left leg, angle the toes out. Right knee bent over the ankle, heel in line with the arch of the back foot. Right arm stretched in front, palm down, left hand stretched behind palm down. Look over the right hand and focus on the task ahead. Inhale, step the feet together and repeat on the other side. Step feet together, take a deep breath arms up, exhale, release the arms and set your intention for the task ahead… Go shop! 

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