Digital Membership Cards – FAQ’s

Q) How do I get my Digital Card?

A) Look out for an email which should have landed in your inbox (but don’t forget to check your ‘junk’ folder too) which will explain everything you need to know about your new Digital Membership Card. This email includes a link to easily download the David Lloyd Clubs app, if you don’t have it already. Once you are on the app, you’ll be able to add your Digital Membership Card to your Apple Wallet. Simply click the menu button on the left hand side to access your digital card.

Q) Why aren’t Digital Membership Cards available on Android?

A) Digital membership cards are not yet supported by Android devices. But don’t worry, our team are working to resolve this, and we'll be in touch as soon as this is up and running for you to use.

Q) What if I don’t want a Digital Membership Card?

A) You can choose to keep your physical card if you prefer, however switching to the digital option is a much smoother and greener way to get into Club. No more rummaging around to find your card when you visit!

Q) As a parent, can I have my partner’s / children’s digital membership cards in my wallet too?

A) Yes, you can find these through the app along with your own.

Q) Can I still use my physical card even though I’ve downloaded a Digital Card?

A) No, once a new digital card is activated your physical card will no longer work.

Q) Why can’t I see the option to add my card to my digital wallet in the app?

A) You’ll need to make sure that Apple Wallet is supported by your device, as the option to add your membership card to your digital wallet will only show if supported by the device you are on. Currently, Apple Wallet is compatible with devices that have iOS 8.1 or higher installed.

Q) Do I need to keep my physical membership card to get my discount on food and drink in the Clubroom?

A) No, you’ll be able to use your digital membership card at the Clubroom tills and the car park barriers.

Q) Why has David Lloyd decided to move away from physical cards?

A) We know how frustrating it can be for you when you leave your card at home or in a different bag so we’ve developed a new cardless entry system. The digital cards are a handy option to save you the hassle of carrying around a plastic card, plus they’re also a greener alternative to plastic ones.

Q) What if my phone / watch is out of battery?

A) Head to reception when you arrive in the Club and the team will gladly get you checked in manually.

Q) Can 2 parents add their child / children’s digital cards to their wallet?

A) Yes, but only if you’re linked together on the same membership, then you can add your children’s digital cards to your wallet.

Q) Will a digital card access the spa gate?

A) Yes, you can use a digital card. If you would prefer not to take your phone into the spa area, you can collect a spa wristband (exclusively available for members with spa access) from the Club reception desk. So just choose which way you would like to enter the Spa, and then get ready to relax and unwind without distractions. You can also use your plastic membership card if you have chosen not to add a digital membership card to your phone wallet. It’s important to know that you must enter and exit the Spa gate using the same access method, so for example, if you enter the Spa gate with your digital card in your phone wallet, you will need to use the same digital card in your phone wallet to open the gate to leave the Spa. Also, you can only access the gated Spas using one method, so whether you use your digital card, wristband or you have retained your plastic membership card rather than have a digital card, it will only allow access once, until the same method has been used to open the gate to leave the Spa. Don’t forget, Spa wristbands allow access through the Spa gates only, you’ll still need your digital card for use elsewhere in the Club such as the Club entrance turnstile and to get your discount in F&B, unless you order your food and drink in the app of course, where your benefits will automatically be provided.

Q) Can I use my digital card on the EGYM equipment?

A) Not at the moment, the digital cards aren’t compatible with EGYM, so if you switch over you’ll need to pick up a personal EGYM wristband from Reception to use during your workout. This will then replace your physical card, and track your progress, so no need to tap into the equipment. To register your EGYM wristband, simply tap the band on any of the EGYM machines on the gym floor. You’ll then be prompted to log in with your EGYM account details, and hey presto, you’re all set up! Don’t worry though, if you need a hand just speak to a member of the team in Club who’ll be happy to help you.

Q) Can I share my card to another device, like I can with an airport boarding pass?

A) No, this is restricted to Apple ID/Google ID.

Q) Can I download my digital card straight from the App or do I need the email with the link?

A) Once you have the David Lloyd Clubs app, you can go directly to the app to get your membership card. Simply click the menu button on the left hand side to access your digital card.

Q) I currently have a gold / bronze / silver membership card, will I keep my discount if I move over to a digital card?

A) Not at the moment but we’re working on it, as soon as we have an update we’ll be in touch, so for now please continue to use your physical card to continue to benefit from your discount.

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