Our free weights area is one of the biggest in the area

Personal Trainer

A spacious area to work out

Our free weights area is one of the biggest in the area, and is super popular with our members. We know you like space to work out and plenty of equipment so we’ve packed it full with free weights, weight machines, three flat benches, one incline bench, one decline bench, five adjustable benches and dumbells going up to 54kg. Come and explore the area for yourself! 

David Lloyd Clubs gym

A smarter, better, more effective workout

We’re absolutely thrilled that we’ve now got the cutting-edge SYNRGY360 functional training equipment in our gym. It’s a ‘playground’ that’s about much more than just working out, with endless different ways to improve your training. Try it out for yourself, or join one of our personal trainers for a gym floor ‘fast class’ – their sessions include Total Body 360, High Intensity HIT 360 and a circuit-style Burn 360. We think you’ll soon see why SYNRGY360 is so incredible. 

Exercise & Fitness Solihull

Our spacious gym is on the top floor of the building, alongside the High Impact group exercise studio. As soon as you walk in, you’ll realise that there is so much space to work out in the way that you like best. Whether you like functional training, focus on your weights, or love your cardio, there are zones for everything and it’s all integrated so you can easily hop from one are to another. The gym is packed full with all the latest kit (not to mention our huge free weights area), there are also squat racks, a TRX zone, a cable zone, a punch bag, Plyo boxes, battle ropes, a sledge and ViPRs to mention a few. Plus, whilst you’re in the gym you can look out onto the Ferrari and Porsche garages and dream about driving along with your roof down on a sunny day. 
  • 22 treadmills
  • 19 cross trainers
  • SYNRGY 360
  • 7 upright bikes
  • 5 recumbent bikes 
  • 2 Life Fitness Stairmills
  • Rowing Machines
  • TRX stations
  • 4 PowerPlates
  • Dumbbells
  • Large free weights area
  • Free weight machines
  • Cable machines
  • Functional training equipment
  • Life Fitness weight machines
  • 3 squat racks
  • Punch bag
  • Kettlebells
  • Zoned areas
  • Boditrax
  • Your Weight Change programme 
  • Individual Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training sessions
  • Free Personal Training test drive
  • Taster sessions
  • Free gym programme
  • Functional training classes
  • Gym-floor classes