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A group of people cycling in a class

Exercise Classes

Image of outdoor group cycling class at David Lloyd Clubs

Enjoy your favourite classes outdoors

Kickstart your routine with a programme of outdoor exercise classes that brings you holistic, strength and conditioning, cardio and HIIT sessions - all in the open air.

From Group Cycling and Yoga to Bodypump and Pilates, you'll find a class that suits you. And don’t worry about the weather; we’ve installed marquees to keep the elements at bay while you work out.

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More than 90 classes every week

Whether it’s group cycling, high-intensity cardio or holistic sessions, we’ve got a wide range of exercise classes at David Lloyd Beckenham, making it easy for you to mix up your routine, make friends and achieve new goals, whatever your fitness level.

The yoga studio at the club

Yoga studio

Add balance and harmony to your busy week with a wide choice of yoga classes to suit all abilities, designed to help you increase flexibility, build strength and relax.

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Combining cardiovascular and strength training with boxing and martial arts, Blaze is a high-intensity workout held in our purpose-built Blaze studio. Set to high-energy dance tracks this full-body workout allows you to push yourself to new fitness heights.

A gym member at Blaze
A gym member at Blaze

PRAMA classes

We’re thrilled to offer a PRAMA studio in our club, giving you the chance to enjoy a class with the whole family. At a casual glance, a PRAMA session will seem like a giant arcade dancing game, complete with plenty of high-energy moves, flashing lights and an interactive floor and walls. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a bit of fun for the kids. Our family classes will give parents a full-body workout too, while also serving as a great opportunity for the whole family to bond.

PRAMA dance-off
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Signature Classes

Choose from a range of enjoyable and rewarding classes unique to David Lloyd

Your class, your mood, you choose.

Image of Ignite class at David Lloyd Clubs


Spark your body into life and burn some serious energy in our brand new HIIT class: ING1TE. Created exclusively by David Lloyd Clubs, IGN1TE takes inspiration from mixed martial arts. Classes will test your whole body as you kick, punch, jump, run and push yourself to the limit.

You’ll work through a series of exercises, culminating in one final round where you’ll be challenged to get through as many reps as possible. Our expert coaches will help you get the most from each session, leaving you full of positive endorphins and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

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Image of SPIRIT class at David Lloyd Clubs


Give yourself time for a moment of escape with SPIRIT, our latest holistic class. SPIRIT has been exclusively created by David Lloyd Clubs and combines elements of yoga, Pilates and meditation to provide an energising yet calming workout.

Set to subtly motivating music, each session journeys through exercises and postures that will enhance your strength, power and flexibility, before ending with a relaxing period of meditation to help reset your mind and body.

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Image of Cyclone class at David Lloyd


Cyclone, our brand new group cycling class uses Stages bikes to provide a workout that will help you to become stronger, fitter and faster in the saddle. Climb the hills, ride the roads or time trial across the flats – every class is different and is perfect for anybody keen to improve their cycling performance with the help of our expert instructors. Your stats are displayed on screen as you ride and you can track your performance after each class, so you can push yourself to the limit and view your power output, speed and distance.

Image of rhythm class


Now available at David Lloyd Beckenham, Rhythm is a revolutionary new cycle class designed to work your body and free your mind. With our awesome instructors and inspiring playlists, you'll experience an immersive workout that tones your muscles, builds stamina and melts away stress and tension in a fun environment. In each class, you'll ride to the beat at your own pace whilst sharing the experience with your fellow riders.

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Exercise classes at Beckenham

With a vast choice of group classes throughout the day in our dedicated fitness studios, you're sure to find a session that suits you.

  • High energy studio
  • Blaze studio
  • PRAMA Studio
  • Group cycling classes with 40 Keiser bikes that include live and virtual classes
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