Working out is so much easier with friends

Group cycling

Try out a brand new class

We run more than 200 classes each week here at Finchley, so there really is no chance of your workouts getting dull. There are 100 instructor-lead classes in our studios, 30 classes that are based on the gym floor, plus 75 virtual sessions in our Group Cycling studio. If you don’t know which one to start with, just take a look at the timetable and start working your way through! Our friendly instructors will make you feel welcome if you’re new to group exercise, and help you with your technique as you become a regular. 

Image of a group of ladies doing a yoga stretch on mats

Yoga classes

Here at David Lloyd Finchley we offer a great range of yoga classes. They are the perfect way to stretch, increase your flexibility, muscle strength and tone.

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group ex mind and body

So much variety...

We’ve got the very best choice of group classes here, and our dedicated Mind & Body, High Impact and Group Cycling studios create the perfect setting to get the most from your workouts. Try some high intensity training with superb Les Mills equipment, or a holistic class like Ballet Barre that incorporates both Ballet and Pilates techniques. We’ve lots of new classes, too, including high intensity interval training on our SYNRGY360 equipment, go ahead and give one a try! 

Group Exercise at Finchley

We run more than 200 classes each week here at Finchley, and we’re so proud of our brilliant instructors who are great motivators. Whether it’s Mary Jo, Patricia or Maria, our members tell us they love our instructors and look forward to their weekly classes. We have three studios where we run a whole variety of different classes. Plus, as functional training is becoming more and more popular we also run 30 gym-floor classes each week that’ll get you more confident using all sorts of kit. From heart-pumping, to toning and relaxing, you’re bound to find a class for you!   


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  • Mind & Body studio
  • High Impact studio
  • Group Cycling studio
  • 31 Keiser Group Cycling bikes
  • Les Mills weight equipment 
  • Functional training classes
  • SYNRGY360 classes
  • 30 gym-floor classes each week
  • 75 Virtual Group Cycling classes each week
  • Sufferfest Group Cycling classes
  • Ballet Barre classes
  • Les Mills Virtual Group Cycling classes
  • High Intensity classes
  • Holistic classes
  • Book online, or via the app
  • 200+ classes each week
  • Professional instructors