Explore all our tennis and racquets sports – there’s so much to try


Play all year round

You really can play tennis all year round here at Chigwell, as we have nine indoor and five outdoor courts. And, don’t worry about the winter months as we cover the outdoor area with a bubble from October to May. It’s not all about practicing your volley on the courts though – we have a really active social side to our tennis community too, so keep some time free after your game for a coffee with some new friends. 

Padel tennis

Padel Tennis – you’ll be hooked in no time!

If you’ve never played Padel Tennis before then we’re lucky enough to have three courts here at Chigwell for you to have a go on. It’s a little like squash, and it’s a faster game than tennis, so you’ll work up a sweat quickly. You play in pairs on a smaller, enclosed court, and the rules are easy to pick up. Once you’ve mastered the underarm serve you’ll be searching for worthy competitors to take on! 

Tennis clubs in Chigwell

If you’re just getting into tennis, or have been playing for years, you’ll feel welcomed into our friendly tennis community. There’s always somebody to play who’s at your level and there’s a great social side too. If you’re looking for some extra tips, we have 12 long-standing coaches who are fantastic at helping you perfect your technique. And, with 14 courts that you can play on all year round, plus three Padel courts and three table tennis tables, there’s a racquets sport for everyone at David Lloyd Chigwell. 
  • 9 indoor tennis courts
  • 5 outdoor tennis courts
  • 2 badminton courts
  • 3 Padel courts
  • 3 table tennis tables
  • Tennis bubble 
  • All Stars Tennis coaching
  • Padel Tennis coaching
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  • DL Kids lessons
  • 1-2-1 expert coaching
  • Club championships
  • Social tennis clubs
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