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Gym Facilities in Manchester Trafford City

Whether you’re a first-timer or fitness fanatic, our spacious, open-plan gym at Manchester Trafford City offers an unrivalled range of modern gym equipment so that you can get the very best from your workout. Our friendly team of personal trainers are always on hand to help you set goals with a tailored fitness plan, so you can feel confident and at ease while working out.


As well as personal training, we have a small-group training option: Delta, designed to bring inspiration and a sense of community to your workouts.

Set in a state-of-the-art, dedicated training studio, your expert Delta coach will guide you onto the fast track to peak fitness. Working in small groups, Delta sessions incorporate fun, variety and progressive programming to help you move better, become fitter and feel stronger.

Image of woman in Delta class at David Lloyd Clubs
Image of Delta class at David Lloyd Clubs
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Expert personal coaching

It’s not just the equipment that makes our gym special. Our expert personal trainers are all highly experienced and can help you get the most from your workout.

Bodyweight training


This top-end equipment range is designed to help you hone and strengthen, with its customisable, modular form allowing you to personalise your training sessions. For those who prefer guidance, daily circuit training sessions led by experts allow you to make the most of its many functions.

A gym member checking their fitness goals with the Body Hub measurement systems

Track your progress with Body Hub

Looking for a full picture of your fitness and wellbeing? Our Body Hub is the intelligent analysis machine you need. Quick and easy to use, it’s the perfect way to get to know your body, giving you data on everything from your hydration levels and muscle mass to weight and ‘BioAge’ - the rate at which you’re ageing on the inside. Once you have your data, you can sync it up with the David Lloyd Clubs app to set goals and track your progress. The Body Hub is free for members to use, simply head to the gym at David Lloyd Manchester Trafford City to get started.

A spread of the state of the art gym equipment available

Gym floor

Make each workout your own with a wide choice of free weights, cable machines and functional training kit, all designed to help you get the most from your gym session.

Gym facilities in Manchester Trafford City

Expect the most advanced fitness equipment and clean-lined, modern surroundings to keep you motivated.

  • Dedicated Strength area with pin loaded, plate loaded and cable offering
  • Dedicated Functional Training Area
  • Hammer Strength HD Elite Air Bikes
  • Hammer Strength HD Elite Curved Treadmills
  • Concept 2 Rowing Machines
  • Concept 2 Ski Ergs
  • Watt Bikes
  • Life Fitness PowerMill Climbers
  • Dedicated Stretch and Recovery area
  • Life Fitness Cross Trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes & treadmills
  • The Body Hub (EGYM Fitness Hub – a state of the art body composition analysis machine)

Club Facilities

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