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We are offering a special pre-opening membership package, the details of which are below. These special options are only available to you and other existing Park Club members. If you choose this membership you have nothing to pay until the club reopens in April 2018. And until then you’ll have unlimited and completely free access to all David Lloyd Clubs as well as two of our exclusive Harbour Clubs in Notting Hill and Kensington. Harbour Club Kensington has recently reopened and is absolutely stunning, with ultra-modern, high-tech, luxurious facilities.

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The benefits of this special membership are;

  • Up to 8 months free Platinum Membership to all David Lloyd Clubs and Harbour Clubs Notting Hill and Kensington; a saving of up to £2,320    
  • No joining fee, which will be £100 per member once the club opens
  • A pre-opening membership rate with a typical monthly saving of £20 per month compared to memberships once the club is open
  • Only start paying for your 12-month membership from 1st April 2018, with a membership commitment until March 2019

Of course the sooner you choose this option the greater the benefits. If you’d like to take advantage of this special membership offer, please talk to Nate and his team in Harbour Club Kensington or visit us at The Park Club on the member days in July. A membership form will also be sent to you later this month. To take advantage of this offer, please return it to us before 24th July 2017. This will ensure your new membership starts from this date.

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