Statement from David Lloyd Leisure, which operates eight health and fitness clubs in Scotland, with 40,000 members and employing a local team of 600.

Michelle Chambers-Cran, Regional Manager, David Lloyd Leisure said: 

“It is vitally important to the wellbeing of the Scottish people that gyms and health clubs are regarded as an essential facility and allowed to remain open, as they play a crucial role in improving  the nation’s health during this pandemic.  As we approach winter, overall wellbeing is more important than ever, and physical fitness is proven to be vital in strengthening the immune system, protecting people from Covid-19 and illnesses generally.

The latest data shows that Covid-19 cases in gyms across Scotland remain very low. Since our eight clubs reopened on 31st August, we have had over 251,000 member visits with just four reported cases and no known cases of transmission within our clubs. These figures demonstrate that all of the measures that we have put in place to reduce the risk of transmission are working.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and the safety of both our members and team is always our number one priority.  We’ve been working very closely with the local EHOs to ensure the Government protocols have been strictly adhered to. We’ve introduced 2m social distancing throughout, and because our clubs are so spacious, we’ve been able to redesign the layout to provide additional workout spaces, allowing fewer people in our gyms. We’ve also introduced strict and rigorous cleaning processes. Because all our members swipe in on entry we are able to easily provide Test and Trace information to the local health authorities

These measures together far exceed Government recommendations making our clubs and gyms safe and healthy places to visit.   We will of course remain vigilant at all times and will continue to work in close consultation with the local Government and EHOs to protect both our members and the general public in Scotland.”

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