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Monday 5th February 2018



Welcome by Jo Drake – minute taker JD


Actions from previous forum


Operations Actions David Burton

Spa cleanliness not checked before open or at close – has improved, checks added to open sheet

RHS of spa seat not working - fixed

Middle lane ropes slack in middle - fixed

Van parking in disable space – spoken to member concerned

Hot drinks not allowed around the pool – spoken to members concerned

Adults area cold

Move newspaper rack - fixed

Showers left on - addressed

Repaint entrance road markings – all painted 2017


Sports Department Actions Kylie Hogan

Court 3 damaged


F&B Actions Amanda Brooks

Coffee inconsistent

Porridge not runny

Speed of service slow


Vision reminder for DL Southend (JM)



Delighted to confirm that new DL Kids team members Regan and Kerstin are settling in well and said goodbye to Leanne our family activity coordinator but we are currently recruiting her replacement..  Zak has started on reception as we said goodbye to Laura.  We know the consistency of our food is a primary focus for us and with that in mind we have started apprenticeships for our chefs.  Cheryl has stepped up to be our Head Chef which we are really pleased about.  We said goodbye to Freddie in the gym but have just recruited his replacement.



Based on member feedback on the MFT Southend ended 2017 23rd out of 111 clubs for overall experience of our members in our club. 


2018 has been more challenging with temperature issues in the showers and pools.  Plus the strain on the club whilst member usage increases.  Our busiest days are Monday, Saturday and Sunday with approximately 1500 gate swipes per day on these days. 


We need your feedback and not just the negatives.  If you have had a problem free visit and have enjoyed yourself, please let us know, rather than let us only know when we get it wrong.



Southend quality of facilities finished on 94% in 2017.  Main focus recently for standards has been improving the cleaning on poolside, pool tiling and maintaining the water temperatures in the pools and showers. 


The DL vision of my club for my life continues into 2018 and you will see from our events banner we have a full range of events planned for February with tons more to come in March and onwards.  Extras this month is free French lessons and Quiz the Cardiologist Thomas Keeble.  We welcome feedback on what other clubs you would like to see at your club.

Operations and Facility Update (DB)



People – Goodbye to Laura A from reception, hello to Zak, started Friday. Hello to Joseph hart from poolside who will be doing some reception hours.


Jan & Feb Repairs

  • Squash courts cleans x2
  • Indoor pool lights far end
  • Indoor pool shower
  • Food and beverage fridge and toaster
  • Sports hall lights and materials
  • Emergency light and PAT testing
  • Boiler repairs
  • Pool tiling on-going
  • Plant room repairs – x1 new pump for indoor pool
  • Pool filter repair
  • Gym Upholstery repaired, various machines


Update on investment plans and timing – All works dates TBC, looking at April start time.


- Softplay refurb – timings TBC

- Locker room refurb – timings TBC

- Spa area refurb – timings TBC

- Indoor tennis courts – Carpet court refurb – timings TBC



Sports Update (KH)


Group Exercise: Average 2200 member through the classes per week.

EQUIPMENT PURCHASED; AQUA MITS AND WOGGLES. On the list-yoga mats and bp weights.

Participation - have discussed with instructors and will be increasing yoga and pos pilates to 22.  Registers now online-most teachers who are confident will be using.

BP Fridays - Jo gave up, opted for Helen same time Thursday. Now an opportunity for Shelley to do Fridays as part of her keeping up her training.


DLKids and Creche: Leanne left, recruiting new FAC. Over 300 children on the programme each week.


All Stars Tennis: Tennis Australian open 30 children on and it went really well. Parent and child tournament in March. Free tots course started. Tennis 4 kids course starting in April 5-8 year olds. 6 week course.


All Stars Swim: New coaches Joshua and Charlotte. Join our All Stars programme and receive the rest for February swimming for FREE...only £31.50 to pay until the end of term. Half Term Intensive activities for our Pre Schoolers...12th-16th February 1pm with Joshua. Only £45. Join our Synchro class (on direct debit) on Tuesday at 6.30pm with Sarah and receive a 1-1 swimming lesson for FREE.


Adult Tennis: New ATP Jon. Forum & presentation 17th. Jaguar 24/25th Feb. Tony Argent 24th March. Gents day in April. More courts for socials. Adult 9am sat group moved to sat afternoon beginner 3-4.30 in March. Welcome Mondays 8.30pm. Adult yearly events promoted.


PT team;  New recruits Ellis, Ellie, Jordan settling in well, unfortunately lost Freddie. New recruit starting in next 2 weeks Ed. Boditrax challenge. PT power hour 7th Feb, Healthy Heart workshop 8th Feb, Pre and Post workshop 22nd Feb.



F&B Update (AB)



Sales and Membership Update (JD and RM)

No longer have paper passes. Need to use any paper ones by end of this year.  Any guest passes issued (anniversary x2) will be issued on members lounge/app.



Forum open to members


Tuesday’s Bootcamp cleaning after class

Will check their schedule.


Are we going to have a more defined area for adults?

Not sure on all plans yet but we can put that forward


Sand on bottom of Jacuzzi

This comes out of the filter after the spa pool has been backwashed and cleaned. This can be sucked up quickly by the lifeguards pool wand.


Fluff on Tennis courts. What is the cleaning schedule?

1 court is cleaned per day. Cleaning team have already rectified this issues, looking at getting a scrubber dryer.


Nets on Tennis courts are cheap and have holes.

Jon (ATP) is looking into getting more.


All clocks are different in the club

Can reset them all again.


Why have the Shower temperatures have been fluctuating over the last few weeks.

Some of the showers have needed new thermostat and mixer valves. At first we thought the temperature issues were due to the gas supply from supplier. Parts for the showers have been purchased and all should be working. We keep spares on site so going forward shower repairs should be completed quickly.


Body Pump on Friday has stopped. Any plans to get it back on?

We are currently trying to get an instructor.


Amanda wants more balls for Pilates.

We will speak to Amanda.  


Synergy Instructors seem very disinterested. Do not give enough direction. Please put more classes on.

We will pass that feedback on and assess them in the classes.


Is Martyn still going to hold the Self Defence classes?

We will get a date in soon.


Can we have a standard Yoga class one day between Monday – Thursday, 12-5pm

We can look at adding this on the next timetable change.


Please speak to the Yoga instructors about the negative comments we have heard from some of the instructors recently. 

Will do


Would you still look at holding Crèche on a Sunday?

Yes we will be obtaining member feedback for this.


Have you  got sparring pads for members to use.

Ask one of the Personal Trainers if you can borrow some.


Not enough Dance classes of an evening or weekend. Could you look at adding Les Mills Sh’bam

We can look at this.


If we have a price increase, does that mean you have more money to play with in the club.

No, usually cost goes toward increase of utilities and other outgoings.


PDQ in the DLicious cafe is slow.

They both run off the same telephone line. We are looking into them working off of two separate lines.




What are the closing down times for the tills?

Reception 10pm

DLicious Cafe 10:30pm



Will you be holding First Aid courses for members?

Unfortunately there were not enough interest.


Can we have the Member Forum minutes on the website.

Yes they do go on there.


Tripping AC in studio1/Air Conditioning in Studio 2 and Spin Studio

AC units in studio have been investigated. We are trying to obtain plan to either replace system or re-wire existing, this will take time but we are working on it.


Promoting socialising after classes.

We are doing this but offering free drink vouchers to members when their classes finish.


Will the App ever incorporate an option to do a member feedback survey?

They are looking at this.






Next Forum: Monday 19th March 1130 am



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