Member Forum Minutes

Monday 4th September 2017

Welcome by Jo Miller – minute taker JD


Actions from previous forum


Operations Actions - David Burton

Studio 2 – sound proofing being installed

Outdoor shower fixed and functional

Studio 2 flickering lights fixed

Squash lights fixed, all in working order

Lights out on court 3 – fixed

Clocks have all been reset to reflect accurate time

Brand new indoor tennis divider nets installed

Car park lines re-painted

Softplay re-padded and refurbished

Studio 1 wall repaired


Sports Department Actions - Kylie Hogan

Turn the music down 08:30 Sunday and Thursday mornings Synrgy class – DONE

Some classes are oversubscribed as the members know the instructor will not check the register – INSTRUCTORS REMINDED

Leg extension button missing - REPAIRD

More Body Balance classes requested – MORE ADDED

Need more equipment in Pilates classes – DONE

Pilates cross over on a Wednesday – Spoken to instructors to manage

Need outdoor court weights and straps – DONE

Need sign advising members how to adjust net heights – DONE

Benches stored too high in studio 1 – DONE

Hip flexor stretch machine pads need replacing – Supplier did wrong part - chasing them to fix

Adult tap needs advertising on app – Error in template - will be done ASAP

Aqua class numbers below maximum during summer – To monitor 


Vision reminder for DL Southend (JM)



People – Goodbye to Laura D and Louise from Reception, hello to Nina who starts 12th September.  Goodbye to Chris in the gym and hello to Russ our new Lead Coach.  Hello to Martyn, the new PT in the gym.



Based on member feedback on the MFT Southend is currently 26th out of 110 clubs for overall experience of our members in our club.  We need your feedback and not just the negatives. If you have had a problem free visit and have enjoyed yourself, please let us know.



Great improvement in quality and standards reflected by a 94% average score in the quality section on the tablet. 

Vision for DL is ”My club for My Life” reminder.  Still delivering our book clubs, bridge clubs, jazz clubs and the newly launched Salsa club on a Friday.





Operations and Facility Update (DB)


PPM on AC and air handling this week.

Viewing windows to indoor pool to be replaced, awaiting quotes.

New Music system hopefully to be installed in wet area as current system keeps breaking down.

Trial of new tile adhesive (recommended from other clubs) to hopefuilly stop pool tiles falling off.

New furniture on order for restaurant area.

Tennis bubble to be installed October.

Facilities score increased to 94.4%



Sports Update (KH)


Group Exercise: changes for sept timetable- go through additional ones and why we added. Fight Klub masterclass 9th sept. 

DLKids and Creche: Leanne fully inducted and doing well. FAC Holiday Active went well and have the heads up we will be accepting childcare vouchers next year. Holiday Active starting in October. Also promoting our parties which we are now doing week day and Tennis parties. New TT- musical theatre, new ballet and streetdance teacher and new members of staff Hayley and Lucy.

All Stars Swim and Tennis: 400 children participating in swim (highest ever) Tennis doing well at 130 children on the programme. Intensive swim and tennis sessions are running in the October half term.

Adult Tennis: Club champs entries end Friday 8th Sept so get in quick. September sees us with a new coach Vicky Wilson.

PT team;  Russ new Lead Coach, 3rd week in and doing really well. Big focus on team culture and increasing the PT’s knowledge in order to provide a better service to members. Martyn newest PT and currently looking for another PT to join the team. PT power hour Saturday 16th Sept 11.30.


F&B Update (AB)

Theatre Trip November

Murder Mystery night October


Sales and Membership Update (JD and RM)

Refer a fried offer – David Lloyd kit bag and goodies available to any existing member that refers a friend or family to join.


Forum open to members


Vents in the gym do not always point in the right direction. When you are on the running machine it would be good to have the air conditioning hitting you rather than the queue of members waiting to go into the studios.

We have checked the air vents and they are at the maximum level before they affect the light fittings.  We will review whether the light fitting can be moved so the air flow direction can be changed.


Pool was very clean when I visited in July. Very pleasant. Are we still keeping it open through the winter months?

Yes will remain open unless we have adverse weather. Access will be restricted for children however in the outdoor pool during the winter months.


Ladies changing room – Hangers not always in every one.

We will check the lockers thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Older boys in the ladies changing rooms.

Please let us know when this happens so we can speak to the parents.  We did highlight this on our noticeboards before the start of the holidays but we may need to send a reminder email before the school holidays going forward.


Studio 2 door is heavy to open. May need a sign to tell us which door to open.

Will investigate further.


Thank you for the change to Aqua so we can attend Dance Fit and then Aqua. Also for the extra Tai Chi class. Love the 8pm Body Balance class.  Hope that stays at that time.

Thank you for the feedback.


Lauren is great. So motivating.  More classes from Lauren in the evening please.  Nico, very welcoming.

Noted. Thank you for this feedback.


Training in the squash courts – Frustrated with the activities in there especially when kit is taken in there that could damage the floor. Can you police it more.

Yes we will take it on board and advise our trainers NOT to use the squash courts for any training. If you do see anyone in there not playing squash please bring to our attention and we will address it straight away.


Still need more classes for 14-16 year olds. Maybe a squash league.

Will investigate it further, it is a good idea.


Cleaning team are very good. Always polite and welcoming.

Thank you.


Events do not get advertised enough. Lots on Facebook about kid’s activities but not the usual social events. The Timetable was put on but was a poor quality picture.

We do need to get better at advertising our events. We have our events flyer we can email or post a link to the website. Thank you for your feedback. We will work on this and you should see an improvement over the coming months.


Membership price increase. Any news on the new prices.

Not yet we are waiting to hear.


Have we hit capacity yet?

No, capacity is 7500. We have had 7300 at our peak at DL Southend and our membership number was at 6888 members 1st August. 4900 Adults and 2000 children.


Is there a budget for drinks/food when David Lloyd Tennis matches are on?

We can do something and have worked with the DL teams to provide this.  Jo and James are meeting Geoff Spillett on Friday to talk about managing the DL teams so this will be on the agenda.


Thanked for attending (JM)


Next forum date Monday 16th October 7pm, Monday 27th November 11.30am.



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