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Monday 30th April 2018


Welcome by Jo Miller – minute taker KW


Actions from previous forum


Operations Actions David Burton

  • None


Sports Actions

  • Pilates – numbers increased to 22 with instructor feedback


Vision reminder for DL Southend (JM)


Hello to our new sales manager Dan who started 1st April and we sadly said goodbye to Billie who moved to DL Basildon as their new Sales Manager.  Say hello to our new chef Jessica who joined our back of house chef team.  We said goodbye to Tynia in the kitchen.


2018 has been more challenging to get a good volume of surveys from our members.  Service feedback has been mostly positive with great comments regarding the front of house teams, especially the group ex instructors, food and beverage teams and reception teams.  The group ex instructors continue to get great feedback and we are now displaying our “instructor of the month” on our group ex noticeboard in the gym.

We need your feedback and not just the negatives.  If you have had a problem free visit and have enjoyed yourself, please let us know, rather than let us only know when we get it wrong.  Many of our members only complete the tablet when they have a negative comment, we need the good as well as the bad to help us shape your service.  Please be balanced when leaving feedback.


Main focus recently for standards has been improving the waiting time on food, repairing the TVs in the gym, repairing the faulty Boditrax and improving the poor WIFI in reception.   

The DL vision of my club for my life continues into 2018 and you will see from our events banner we have a full range of events planned for May with tons more to come.  Thomas Keeble’s heart seminars were a big hit in February and they will continue with 17th and 21st May bookings.  We welcome feedback on what other clubs you would like to see at your club.

Operations and Facility Update (DB)

People – We will shortly see Sarah Whybrow returning to us until she continues her travels in November

Ops Update

April Repairs

  • Tennis court 1 lights repaired
  • Water fountain repairs – gym
  • Water leak repairs – rear car park
  • Emergency lighting
  • Boiler repairs – completed
  • Pool tiling on-going
  • Plant room repairs – x1 new pump for indoor pool, new contactors installed due to power issues
  • Extract fan repairs
  • Kitchen fridge repairs
  • Green tennis walkway light repairs

May onwards - Update on investment plans and timing

- Locker room refurb – 2nd May Male Locker Room refurb starts

- Spa area refurb – 30th April

- Indoor tennis courts 4 and 5 – started on 23rd April and ahead of schedule. 

Lifeguard feedback continues to be positive and we will be opening the outdoor pool family swim times to 4-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 7pm Saturday and Sunday from 14th May to end August.


Open to members

Buggies in shower area is a concern with lack of hygiene.

Families are reminded to use the family change and buggies should be stored in the main area, rather than in the shower area.  Please let a team member know and we can address any issues with the member.


Will there be new Adult area signage in the ladies after the refurb.



Is draining the pool factored into the pool closed times.



Drinking tap in men’s is warm.

Thank you we will fix this.


Do you know there is a pot hole in car park.

Yes thank you this will be fixed.


Studio 1 air con has been better, yesterday during the Zumba class the air con shut down 25 minutes into class then went to reset on panel, takes a while to reboot.

Thank you for the feedback we will look into it and recall the engineers.


Lighting studio 1 – switch problem rectified.

Yes the switch has been replaced


Studio 1 cupboard, bent panel cover (members shouldn’t not be allowed in where electrical distribution are?).

Yes we agree, thank you we shall investigate and replace.


Fight club base needs replacing.

Thank you we will arrange a new one.


Fight club bags in front of fire exits.

Thank you we will speak to the instructors regarding where these are left.


Floor warped outside spin studio.

Yes we are investigating.


Spin studio air con – turned on before class but the air does not fully circulate during the class.

There is a swing option which Dave can show you how to operate.


Layout of gym floor needs changing especially the functional area outside squash courts – mirror outside studio 2 should be free of equipment, members climbing over each other to get equipment.

Thank you for your feedback we shall ask Andrew to address.


Have you got a second phone line in to make payment quicker at the bar.

No this is not happening for the moment.


Can we have a loyalty card for coffee.



Clubroom area needs a partition around the low wall dividing the kids area from the main area to stop children climbing on it.

Parents must supervise their children in this area and we will address this when we see it.


Adult zone and cafe area, feels like it gets cold quickly.

Following the refurbishment the feed into the adult area may need changing to maintain the heat/cooling air.


Studio 2 mats how often are they to be cleaned?



Where is the Evac chair?

Upstairs in the tennis corridor at the rear of building.


What would you do if there was a unconscious casualty in the gym, in case of a fire – access the situation, risk assessment states we only need on first floor and that we should not move anyone unconcscious until they have been assessed by a medical team.


Swing Sunday – members feel they are listening to the same thing each month and would like new material. Numbers are dropping.

We shall feed this back to Joe Palmer.


Difficult to find someone to play tennis with.

Jon Lee explained the box leagues – tennis welcome – fast track – Jon offiered a free hour to Andrew.


Is there a Squash league here?

Yes there is information outside the squash courts on how to join.


Nicola Harrington Bass thank you for time table and hard work, thank you to who plastered the cupboard up and fixed the door.

You are welcome.


New bars and weights – thanks.

Our pleasure.


Demand for more holistic classes, need to do something about it .

We have added more classes on our summer timetable and will continue to monitor participation as previously done to removed red classes and add more of what our members would like to have.


40 in aqua class last week.

There were 35.  


Frustration with members cancelling 2 hours before a class, habit/rules need to change. There are serial bookers that cancel last minute before the penalty notice period.  Is there anyway head office can see if they book and then keep cancelling last minute.

No there is not a way at the moment to see who is cancelling just before the 2 hour window.  Members have an equal right to book a class and if their plans change they are perfectly allowed to cancel a class.  We appreciate the frustration this causes to those members that do not do this but there is not a way of managing this.  Participation in our programme is 69% v capacity so there is space for people to book.


When is the next theatre trip?

It is Strictly Ballroom in June and the notice is on the board at reception.  £65 including drink and travel and ticket.


When do you do a Fire Evacuation?

Twice per year.


Will there be any more lockers available after the refurbishment?

There will be the same amount of lockers available but we will do a locker sweep just before the refurbishment.


When is the next forum.

11th June at 1130am.


No more member feedback.


Sports Update


DL Kids

New FACs are settled in well and we hope you have seen an improvement in the safety and quality of our DL Kids teams.  Our French speaking tutor unfortunately decided she could not continue just before the new timetable launched so we are searching for a replacement.  The DL Kids timetable continues to attract over 300 junior members.


Adult Tennis

Jon Lee has made a big impact with our tennis community.  He has a full list of events for the rest of the year and has plenty of activities and coaching sessions for you to get involved in.  21st May sees another Rob Carter masterclass which was well received last month.  We also have the GBTW on 12-13th May for non racquet members to try out tennis with adult and junior activities in the afternoon.


Group Exercise

Our summer timetable launched on 16th April and has received great feedback so far.  The members are very positive about the extra holistic classes as requested and the return of Hula.  There are plenty of classes to get involved in and we want to attract those members not currently attending a class.  We will be upgrading the music system in studio 1 and 2 on 13th and 14th May which may cause some disruption to the classes, please bear with us.


We are delighted to confirm that our third course of tri-athletes will compete in their first Tri-athlon race on 13th May.  The indoor pool will be used from 0600 – 0700 hours.


Personal Training

We have had great offers in the gym for members wanting to try PT at a reduced cost with 12 for 10 session offers available.  Our newest team member Ed continues to provide a great service on the gym floor and you will soon see some new faces in the gym as we are recruiting new fitness coaches to join our ever expanding team.  We hope to see you at our H&F Open Weekend 4-7th May with lots of new activities to join in the gym to learn a new way to train or to get extra help to achieve your goals.  Join us on 7th May for PT Power Hour at 7.30pm for a fun hour of training with our resident DJ Maso on the decks.


Swim and Tennis All Stars

The recent All Stars weekend was very successful with many new kids joining the tennis and swim programme.  We will be doing intensive coaching programmes in the May half term so please look out for the programme.  The indoor pool and kids pool grouting in June will affect our swimming times so Debbie will shortly be contacting the parents to arrange and confirm the alternative swim times or pool.


F&B Update (AB)

Great to see the sunshine in April and following member feedback, we now serve hot food on the terrace rather than around the pool.  This has greatly reduced the rubbish, plates and crockery around the pool.  The pool snack shack arrives in May and once it is built we look forward to serving cold drinks and deli items during the warmer weather.


Great social events during May in the clubroom include Swing Sunday, Salsa Friday, Family Fun Night, Harry and Megan’s Wedding BBQ and party on 19th May, Nuclear Rush After Party on 19th May, Quiz Night and the menu tasting evening on 17th May.


Sales and Membership Update (JD and DS)

Monday 18th June we are going to see Strictly Ballroom and tickets are now on sale.  £65 including complimentary arrival drink, top price seats and coach travel to and from DL to the Theatre.


Please continue to refer your friends and family, the gifts are a DL rucksack or an Elemis gift pack.


Forum open to members


Next Forum: Monday 11th June at 11.30am



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