Monday 16th October 2017

Member Forum Minutes

Welcome by Jo Miller – minute taker JD


Actions from previous forum

Operations Actions David Burton

Hangers checked in locker rooms and replaced?

Stickers on studio doors advising which door to push first


Sports Department Actions Kylie Hogan

All gym instructors formally advised in their team meeting not to train members in the squash courts

More classes for 11-16 years olds??

Events advertised better – member newsletter, FB, Noticeboards, emails

Food can be provided for league matches.  Just need notification of dates and times


Vision reminder for DL Southend (JM)



People – Goodbye to Laura D and Louise from Reception, hello to Josh in F&B, Ellis, Ellie and Freddie in the gym and Jordan in our new membership team. 



Based on member feedback on the MFT Southend is currently 26th out of 111 clubs for overall experience of our members in our club.  We need your feedback and not just the negatives.  If you have had a problem free visit and have enjoyed yourself, please let us know.



Great improvement in quality and standards reflected by a 94% average score in the quality section on the tablet. 

Vision for DL is ”My club for My Life” reminder.  Still delivering our book clubs, bridge clubs, jazz clubs and the newly launched Salsa club on a Friday.


Operations and Facility Update (DB)


Club Air handling and AC have been serviced for the rest of the year – Repairs to clubroom and Gym this week.

Gym mirror replaced due to breakage

Still trialling new pool tile adhesive, still trying to find the best adhesive

Pool Vac inlets have been repaired, this allows us to manually vac the indoor/kids pools, this will remove all debris from surface of pool.

Tennis bubble has been inflated

Outdoor tennis court surface refresh this week, re-sand and clean

Kitchen floor repaired this week 9back of house)

Indoor ballasts tank clean in two weeks

Outdoor pool cover repair this week

Plantroom pumps x2 repaired this week (back of house)

Replacement of patio plants in November as some have died

Fire extinguisher and panel updates in November


Sports Update (KH)

Group Exercise: Hula going well, bounce, tri in new year, studio hire, cleaning team sun and between classes. Lots of feedback asking for more pilates however the ones Friday 10.40, Sat 8.15, Mon 8.15, 7.30pm, Tues 7.30pm (60-75% participation) are not quite full yet.

DLKids and Creche: November workshops- fencing, goalkeeping with SUTD, rugby, drama workshop. Halloween party Friday 27th, Hol Act 23-27th. TT changes- table tennis instead of Lets Play on a Thursday 17.30. New team members Hayley and Lucy.

All Stars Swim and Tennis: Intensives running in the October half term. Tennis- National Champs went well-Alfie Search and Henry Crawford <8, Francesca Pratt and Isabella Pratt <8, Billy Loveday and Francesca Pratt <9, Louise Spriggs <10 go to the regional event in Hatfield 11-12/11. Swim- new coach Joshua- offering 20% off adult 1-1’s.

Adult Tennis: Club champs and Box Leagues are playing, final day for Club Champs 25/11. Beginner tournament Sunday went well. New coaches Vicky and Charlie level 2.

PT team;  New Lead Coach from Basildon, New team members Jordan, Ellie and Freddie and Ellis who is 2 weeks in and  is doing really well. PT power hour Friday 27th 6.30pm.


F&B Update (AB)

New Menu launch


Free venue hire


Sales and Membership Update (JD and RM)

Intro to Restart. A project to contact members that aren’t using the club like they used to so we try to re-0engage them back into to the club to maximise their membership.

Social media campaigns and posts


Forum open to members

The 16+ sign by the Jacuzzi has gone. Can it be replaced?


Jacuzzi is still dirty.

The Lifeguards are cleaning it. The pools are all clean and levels are correct. We have some new additions to the team and there will be a team meeting over next few days so the cleaning schedule will be raise. Apologies.

Straps from the Power Plates are worn

We will order new ones.

White putty found in pool.

That’s the adhesive that we are using to stick the tiles in.


Great idea to do Bounce tasters.

Thank you.


Cant get into Pilates classes even though you say the attendance is only 60%.

This means members are not cancelling or cancelling too late for other members to get their spaces.


The new Personal Trainers – do they get a wage?



Could we have more Woodways. They are very popular now.

We can look into getting more.


Shower sign. Can we have a few as we currently only have one in the spa area so nothing for the main pool.

We can look at getting another one.

The Cardiologist was very good. Really informative.

That’s good to hear. We are hoping to invite the Doctor back for next year. We are also looking at the team to deliver some sessions also. Pre and post natal, GP referral, Nutritional advice, strength and conditioning to name a few.


Blue roll and sprays ran out. Why?

All the triggers broke. Poor excuse but we only had a couple of sprays. Will look to change the supplier.


Can we match up the digital and analogue clocks in the gym.



Triggers not working in the Spin studio. We have to open bottle and tip the solution onto the blue roll. This then causes spillages. Need a few more bottles that work and more hooks to hang them on rather than sitting on top of the blue roll holder.

We will look for a new supplier and add more hooks to the studio.


Studio 1 High Impact – Lighting circuit breaker keeps tripping out. Hasn’t been resetting and member keeps resetting it also. 

We believe it’s been fixed and haven’t been told there is an issue. We can take a look.


Pump Bars that have been moved reduces dance space. For Latin Dance Fit we are getting a lot of bunching. Need to look at numbers.

We would challenge the instructor for numbers.


Katie serving the food is brilliant. The food comes out too hot to eat. Fantastic.

Thank you.


Studios 1 and 2 have lost the signs on the doors. They are now known as High Impact (1) and Holistic (2) however on the time table they are still numbered.  This can confuse a new member.

Easy fix. We can out the numbers back on the door.


Ambassador programme – where a team member accompanies a new member to a class.

We need to get better at this. We do not wish to take a valuable space form a member. When our new lead coach comes into the business we will roll out a new plan.


Time separation of 5 minutes between classes isn’t working. This isn’t enough time to for instructors to spend with new members or members with injuries.

We have trialled a bigger separation time but it means less classes. The class times do allow time for instructors to asses members with injury and new attendees. Will challenge instructors.


Air conditioning

We can not touch the spin studio air con as it links to the main gym. The studios should really remain on auto. The instructors know to just turn it on and not change anything.


Car Park – Have you authorised anyone to park in the car park when they are not using the club.

Only one member who joined up on the understanding he could park in the car park whilst at work. No one else is allowed to do this.


Car Park barrier for the exit is up a lot.

This happens when a car tailgates to exit. Members should always use their membership card or the code to exit. 


We ran out of towels on 30th September.

Apologies for that. We have a regular supply of towels. This was the first occasion we have actually ran out of towels and couldn’t borrow from the surroundings clubs. Our deliveries a 3 times a week.   


Class numbers haven’t returned to normal since the summer. Not many familiar faces. Have we lost a lot of members.

No more than predicated. We had a slow September but seems to be back to normal now.


First Aid course was advertised on Facebook to gather interest. Are you holding one for members?

Not at this stage. Wasn’t a great deal of interested and a good day for it didn’t stand out. Could gather more interest by emailing the question out as not everyone is on Facebook.


Penalties – What do you want members to do if they wish to dispute the penalty?

Contact a member of staff to discuss further.


Joe Palmer’s board has been removed and his event wasn’t very well attended.

We had the boards that were advertising 3 months of events. Just waiting on the events boards for the rest of the year. The events are advertised in club on reception along with the newsletter. They are on social media and our website. We also email them out to all members.


Could we have the Crèche open on a Sunday?

We have tried it before and would look at it again. We would need at least 8 children booked in.


Where are we with the Members Singles night?

We are still looking into that.


Socialising after classes – would like to encourage that and more than happy to start it.

We would love that too. You can always organise a group to come for a Christmas meal J

Please let us know which class social  you would like to host.


Please do more evening Dance classes.

Will look at for the new timetable.


The club is definitely worth the money we pay.

Thank you.


Praise for the cleaning team for the excellent job they do. I don’t think i have every entered the changing rooms without seeing them hard at work.

Thank you. We will let Kevin and his team know your feedback.



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