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Yoga at Newcastle


Experience SPIRIT

Want to combine the best of yoga and Pilates? SPIRIT is our boutique-style class that brings together elements of both workouts. Set to music, this session will uplift and inspire you.

Yoga at Newcastle

Yoga in Newcastle

We make it easy to enjoy yoga at David Lloyd Newcastle. Our studio has multiple yoga classes every week, including restorative Yin, so it's be easy to choose a style and session to suit you. With a welcoming studio setting and inspiring teachers, you're sure to discover your new favourite yoga classes.

Yoga at Newcastle

Membership at David Lloyd Newcastle

Becoming a member at David Lloyd Newcastle won't just get you a yoga studio. Depending on the type of membership you choose, you'll also have a range of health club facilities to use as you wish: an indoor swimming pool, spa facilities, a place to work and socialise, a gym. You'll also enjoy a full timetable of other styles of exercise class to really mix up your workouts. Find out which type of membership will suit you best.

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Yoga at Newcastle

Yin yoga

One of the types of yoga we offer is Yin. This is a slower-placed class with a meditative feel. You'll mainly work with floor poses while seated or reclined.

Yoga at Newcastle

Beginner-friendly yoga classes in Newcastle

Our classes are led by inspiring yoga instructors who will guide you through every bend and stretch. They are able to adapt the sequence for every ability, so beginners can mix with even the most experienced yogis.

Yoga at Newcastle

Yoga for everyone


Broga® incorporates traditional yoga to significantly open up tight areas like shoulders, hips and hamstrings. Expect a high energy upper or lower body session that will strengthen and tone your body in new ways, but also leave you feeling more mobile and flexible than ever before.

Yoga classes for all ages and ability

Our yoga classes are open to anyone: old or young, injured, fit or unfit, supple or inflexible, male or female. Whether you are a beginner or master anyone can attend.

Yoga at Newcastle

The benefits of yoga

As a holistic form of exercise, yoga helps you take care of both mind and body. Classes include physical postures, or ‘asanas’, breathing techniques and, sometimes, meditation. Our yoga classes will help to create balance in the body, developing both strength and flexibility. Research has also linked yoga to reduced stress and enhanced mood.

Three people doing yoga

Yoga for over-50s

Yoga becomes even more beneficial as you move through life. A regular yoga practice can support everyday activities - expect improved posture, balance and flexibility after you start attending classes. Yoga provides a workout that's kind to your joints while still giving you real fitness results.

Learn more about getting started with yoga over 50

Three people on Pilates mats holding the high plank position

Pilates classes in Newcastle

We also have mat Pilates classes.

The main focus of Pilates is full-body strengthening, with a particular focus on the core, although it does include some flexibility work.

Explore the differences between yoga and Pilates

Woman doing yoga pose warrior 3 on a yoga mat

Online yoga & Pilates classes

For any days when you can't make it to the club in person, you'll find a wide variety of yoga and Pilates classes on the David Lloyd Clubs app. Enjoy these sessions at home, on holiday - wherever you are, you never have to miss your yoga or Pilates fix. There are many other kinds of workout on there too, plus meditations for relaxation.

Women stretching on yoga mats

What to bring to a yoga class at David Lloyd Newcastle & how to book

Wear comfortable clothing that's easy to move in

Bring a water bottle for more dynamic classes

Grip gloves and/or socks may help you feel more secure

We provide mats, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer

We provide any necessary props, such as blocks

Booking is easy with the David Lloyd Clubs app. Simply navigate to the timetable from the home screen and select the session you want.

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