Take a relaxing dip in our beautiful blue pool


Our indoor pool is fabulous

Among all our amazing facilities here, is a lovely 25m indoor swimming pool. It’s the beautiful centrepiece of our club, with subdued lighting to create a serene atmosphere, so that you’ll love using the pool whether you’re taking a gentle dip or doing some really hard training. To get you even more relaxed, we’ve got a hot sauna and steam room, plus a bubbly whirlpool for you to enjoy by the pool.

Maidstone Swimming Pool and Spa

Enjoy the gorgeous blue glow of our stunning indoor swimming pool while you have a relaxing swim or a serious work out. In our family swim times we raise the lighting so that the little ones can enjoy swimming with you in the main pool or splashing about in the children’s pool. We’ve got brilliant swim coaches, who run our All Stars swim programme, so that your kids can learn the skills they need to become safe, strong and confident swimmers.

  • 25m indoor pool
  • Indoor splash pool for kids
  • Sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • Steam room 
  • All Stars Swimming coaching
  • Expert swimming coaches
  • Aqua classes 
Pool opening hours
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Outdoor pool times are weather permitting and may vary