We run more than 100 classes each week, so you'll never run out of sessions to give a try

Group cycling

Exercise Classes Luton

We’ve got three group exercise studios here at Luton meaning we can offer a brilliant range of classes. Head to our Group Cycling studio for instructor and virtual group cycling classes. You’ll find the Les Mills series and other high intensity session in our High Impact studio. And, if holistic is your thing, you’ll love our calm and tranquil Mind & Body studio.

Image of a group of ladies doing a yoga stretch on mats

Yoga classes

Here at David Lloyd Luton we offer a great range of yoga classes. They are the perfect way to stretch, increase your flexibility, muscle strength and tone.

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Fitness Classes Luton

We’re different from other clubs in the area because we have three studios dedicated to group exercise. This means we can run more than 100 classes each week, so you’ll never run out of sessions to give a try.  We promise there’s always something that’ll give you an extra challenge! Plus, our brilliant instructors, who are great motivators, will ensure you work hard and with great form in all our classes. From heart-pumping, to toning and relaxing, you’re bound to find a class for you!


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  • Mind & Body studio
  • High Impact studio
  • Group Cycling studio
  • 25 Group Cycling bikes 
  • Functional training classes
  • SYNRGY360 classes
  • Les Mills classes
  • Sufferfest Group Cycling classes
  • Les Mills Virtual Group Cycling classes
  • High Intensity classes
  • Holistic classes
  • Book online, or via the app
  • 100+ classes each week 
  • Professional instructors