Keep your routine fresh with our fantastic equipment and SYNRGY360 playground

Gym at Leicester Meridian

The gym has a new playground

We’re absolutely thrilled that we’ve now got the cutting-edge SYNRGY360 functional training equipment in our gym. It’s a ‘playground’ that’s about much more than just working out, with endless different ways to improve your training. Try it out for yourself, or join one of our Personal Trainers for a SYNRGY taster session to help you get going!

Exercise & Fitness Leicester Meridian

We have a fabulous range of equipment in our gym, with lots of the latest gear, including Woodway Curve running machines, Octane machines and the fantastic SYNRGY360 functional training system. We’ve also got Boditrax – the cutting-edge fitness technology which measures your body’s composition so that you can plan the best fitness routine for you, plus you can use it to track your progress. If you need an extra boost to your routine, take a free Personal Training test drive with our expert trainers, and they’ll give you a gym programme that’s tailored to your exact goals and needs. Come down and give it a try!

  • 21 treadmills
  • 2 Woodway Curve treadmills
  • 8 cross trainers
  • 2 Powermills
  • 15 bikes
  • 2 Wattbikes
  • Rowing Machines
  • SYNRGY360
  • 2 Octane machines
  • 2 PowerPlates
  • Free weights area
  • Free weight machines
  • Cable machines
  • Functional training equipment
  • Boditrax
  • Nutritionist
  • Individual Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training sessions
  • Free Personal Training test drive
  • Taster sessions
  • Free gym programme
  • Functional training classes
  • Gym-floor classes