A gym for everyone! Work out in our zoned layout that’ll help you reach your goals…

Personal Trainer

DNA Fit (Your Genes Can Tell You How To Work Out…)

Ever thought the reason you struggle to tone a certain area, or lose weight from another, could be to do with your DNA? A quick DNA FIT test and your saliva swab will be analysed to tell you whether you’re more reactive to certain types of exercise, food and training styles. Your genes might just be able to help you find the most effective way to train!  

Synrgy circuit class

The Best Gym In The Area

Our state-of-the-art gym kit, plus a brilliant layout is why our members say choosing the best gym in Kings Hill is simple! Whether weights, cardio, functional training, or toning is your thing, as soon as you walk in the gym you’ll feel comfortable. Forget the weights area being intimidating, and the treadmills being dedicated to long-distance runners – our gym makes sure everyone feels at ease having a go on any piece of kit.

Gym and Fitness at Kings Hill

Park in the car park at David Lloyd Kings Hill and you’ll already be able to see into the impressive gym. The glass-fronted area of the gym will mean you’ll feel motivated even as you walk into reception! It’s packed with all the latest equipment, including; SYNRGY training area, multiple weights areas, integrated weights and cardio zones, stretching zones and space for functional training – you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

  • 18 treadmills
  • 14 cross trainers
  • Upright bikes
  • Recumbent bikes
  • 2 Woodway Curve treadmills
  • 3 Wattbikes
  • 4 Octane machines
  • 2 PowerPlates
  • SYNRGY functional training area
  • TRX zone with 4 TRX straps
  • Anterior and Posterior Flexibility machines
  • Zoned areas
  • Free weights area 
  • Free weights machines 
  • Cable machines 
  • Functional training equipment
  • Boditrax
  • DNAFit 
  • Individual Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training sessions
  • Free Personal Training test drive
  • Taster sessions
  • Free gym programme
  • Functional training classes 

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