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If you’ve not heard of Orangetheory® before, then you’re in for a treat! Our studio is dedicated to our brilliant Orangetheory sessions – and what a work out they offer. Our Islington Studio is located just a stone’s throw from Highbury and Islington tube station – perfect if you work or live nearby. And, our brilliant instructors are on hand to take you through the ‘ultimate workout’.

The studio is kitted out with 12 of the following: treadmills, Water Rowers, TRX stations, steps, Ab Dollys and Bosu balls. Plus, there’s a weights area for the resistance side of the classes. Orangetheory sessions are run seven days a week here at various times throughout the day, to ensure they’re convenient for you. The high-energy group training sessions get results, fast. Wondering what makes them so effective? Well, the fact that you wear a heart rate monitor means our instructors can track just how hard you’re working. The aim is to take your heart rate to the ‘Orange’ zone for as much of the 60 minute workout as possible. The ‘Orange’ zone will be different for everyone, so you’ll be able to work at your own pace. When you’re in your zone you’ll be burning the most fat, stimulating the metabolism and increasing your energy. It’s no surprise it’s been called one of the most revolutionary ways to work out!

Have we convinced you to give it a try? We’ve got even more good news for you. You can come along and try a session for free – so what are you waiting for?

  • Orangetheory dedicated studio
  • Orangetheory 60 minutes group training
  • Motivational Personal Trainers
  • High Intensity studio-based workouts
  • Pay as you go options 

Opening hours

08:00 / 15:30
06:00 / 22:00
06:00 / 22:00
06:00 / 22:00
06:00 / 22:00
06:00 / 20:00
08:00 / 15:30


Andy Carr
Andy Carr
Studio Manager

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