Group exercise on the gym floor – give it a go

Personal trainer

Try a DNA Fit test…

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason you struggle to tone a certain area, or lose weight from another, could be to do with your DNA? Well, a quick saliva swab and a DNA Fit test later, and you’ll have information on whether you’re more reactive to certain types of exercise, food and training styles. Your genes might just be able to help you find the most effective way to train! 

Synrgy circuit class

A gym timetable for you to try…

Forget group exercise classes only being in the studio, here at David Lloyd Farnham we have a whole gym timetable that’s dedicated to gym-floor based classes. Think fun classes that will get you using all sorts of different equipment in the gym, and seeing progress quickly too! From functional training sessions, to recovery and regeneration, there’s something for everyone. 

Farnham Fitness & Exercise

Functional training is really popular at the moment, so our members love the great range of functional equipment and classes that we offer in the gym. Group exercise isn’t just for the studios – as we have a gym timetable that’s dedicated to gym-floor based classes. Our instructors are sure to put you through your paces! Plus when you’re not enjoying a class, you’ll have your pick of all the best equipment around. Trixter bikes, Wattbikes, a great range of free and cable weight machines, and lots more. With so much on offer, you won’t be waiting around to get on a piece of equipment in our gym in Farnham. 

  • 28 treadmills
  • 14 cross trainers
  • 12 Lifefitness bikes
  • 4 Trixter bikes
  • 3 Wattbikes
  • Rowing machines
  • 5 Powerplates
  • Zoned areas
  • Free weights area
  • Free weights machines
  • Cable machines
  • Functional training equipment
  • Boditrax
  • DNA Fit
  • Nutrition Complete
  • Your Weight Change programme 
  • Individual Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training
  • Free Personal Training test drive
  • Taster sessions
  • Free gym programme
  • Gym-floor class timetable