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Group cycling

Virtual classes to get you in a spin

For a low-impact, whole-body workout, you can’t beat group cycling. At Dundee we’ve a great range of classes at all sorts of levels, so however fit you feel, we know there’s a class that’s just right for you. Choose between an instructor-led session with one of our experts, or one of our virtual classes – we run these throughout the day, so you can just drop by and get moving. They’re all really popular, and a brilliant way to make new friends! 

Image of a group of ladies doing a yoga stretch on mats

Yoga classes

Here at David Lloyd Dundee we offer a great range of yoga classes. They are the perfect way to stretch, increase your flexibility, muscle strength and tone.

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Fitness Classes Dundee

Members tell us that they love the classes we run at David Lloyd Dundee. There’s tons to choose from each week and we have three studios to fit them all in. Our High Impact classes will get your heart going and include the world-famous Les Mills classes. Our tranquil Holistic Studio is dedicated to classes like Pilates, yoga and BodyBalance that will make you stronger, longer and leaner. And our Group Cycling Studio has 28 bikes ready for you to hop on at any time of the day.


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  • Mind & Body Studio
  • High Impact Studio
  • Group Cycling Studio
  • 23 Keiser Group Cycling bikes
  • Les Mills classes
  • Holistic classes
  • Book online, or via the app
  • Expert instructors