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David Lloyd Clubs @home

Family & Kids

Keep the whole family entertained @home with clubs, classes and on-demand content for children of all ages.

From parent & baby classes and sing-a-longs, to cooking classes, the David Lloyd Mile and fun activities like Scooter Squad, there’s plenty to get involved in. Plus, our virtual after school club means we’ll keep the youngsters entertained at the end of their school day.

Image of young children running

David Lloyd Mile

The David Lloyd Mile challenges you and your children to get out on a daily basis to cover a distance of 1 mile.

Whether you decide to run, walk, cycle, skate or scoot is up to you, but we’d love you to share your activities with us via our dedicated Facebook group, where you can join our community of fellow walkers.

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Skills Fundamentals

The basic physical skills needed to play any sport are agility, balance, coordination, speed and strength - often referred to as the ABCs! Research shows that young children who work to develop their ABCs from an early age (between the ages of 5 and 11) tend to see accelerated skill acquisition for all sports as they grow up.

With that in mind, encourage your little ones to join Craig for 10-minute sessions that will develop your child’s co-ordination, agility and balance. Find a space with enough room and play along with him in real time, or pause the video in order to take time to master each challenge as you go along.

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Image of child cooking with family

Cooking with Dean

Join Dean, Head of Food and Beverage at David Lloyd Clubs, and learn how to create some tasty dishes at home! From family favourites like spag bol, to the fun flavour combinations you can enjoy when making a milkshake, it’s a great way to introduce youngsters to working safely in the kitchen and keeping them actively entertained.

Warrior boy

Wellbeing for kids

Look after your child's wellbeing with Warriors. Three age groups of on demand videos will take the children on an adventure inspired by yoga and mindfulness to help them engage, relax and focus whilst improving posture and strength. Be Brave. Be Kind. Feel Strong. Be a 'Warrior not a Worrier’.


Baby bathtime

Join Nuala and Mia from the David Lloyd Club swim team for some bitesize videos with ideas on how to make bathtime fun whilst helping your little one gain confidence in the water.

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