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BLAZE... a boutique group training experience

Our new BLAZE studio will offer a whole new way of working out. This boutique experience brings intense cardiovascular training together with strengthboxing and Martial Arts skills. Unleash your energy during a fast-paced workout. And see just how hard you've worked thanks to unique heart-rate monitoring. Get results quickly and effectively.

Group Exercise at Acton Park

David Lloyd Acton Park has tons of classes to choose from each week, plus we have three studios to fit them all in. Our High Impact classes will get your heart going and include sessions like Body attack and Body Combat. Our tranquil Holistic Studio is dedicated to classes like Pilates and yoga that will make you stronger, longer and leaner. And our Group Cycling Studio has lots of bikes ready for you to hop on throughout the day. We also run a number of classes on the gym floor, which make use of the latest technology we have available.

Take a look at our January 2019 timetable here

  • Mind & Body Studio
  • High Impact Studio
  • Group Cycling Studio
  • Blaze studio
  • PRAMA studio
  • Holistic classes
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  • Expert instructors

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