With 128 classes each week, there’s plenty for you to try!

Group Spin

Virtual scenery, real cycling

Our Group Cycling Studio is big news here at Aberdeen. We run both instructor-led and virtual classes, which means that there are lots to choose from each day. The virtual classes include huge screens that simulate sprints and climbs in all sorts of different scenery – they really do take group exercise to a whole new level – and lots of new places! 
group ex mind and body

Yoga classes in Aberdeen

Here at David Lloyd Belfast we offer a great range of Yoga classes. They are the perfect way to stretch, increase your flexibility, muscle strength and tone.

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Group Exercise at Aberdeen

Members tell us that they love our three Group Exercise studios and with 128 classes running each week, there’s plenty to try! The classes in our High Impact Studio focus on getting your body moving and your heart pumping. Give your legs a workout in our group Cycling Studio that has 33 amazing Stages bikes. And our Mind & Body Studio is the perfect tranquil space to enjoy a holistic class like Yoga or Pilates. 


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