Weight Loss

You've made the decision to work towards weight loss that's the hard part over with. At David Lloyd we make losing weight so much easier with our full packages of support. We'll have you well on your way to your ideal weight through a combination of fitness routines, nutritional advice, and unique gym classes. Try one of our Power Plate machines where 10 minutes is the equivalent of 60 minutes of cardio and you'll never believe how easy losing weight could be.

Weight loss, with our help

Our weight loss experts and personal trainers are always there to support your fitness. Why not join one of our weight loss classes, designed for long term weight management so you keep it off for good. Let's face it, losing weight can be a real challenge, but with our help, and help from other like-minded people, your weight loss goals can become a reality. If your goal is to lose weight our gym staff will be with you every step of the way.

Family Fitness

Various national studies point towards a significant rise in obesity not only in adults, but children as well. Get the whole family on board and work towards your goals together. It's not necessarily all about losing weight but about staying active, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle overall. Instilling these values about healthy living and the importance of being active is your best way of ensuring they stay healthy and live a happier and longer life.